Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting Ziggy with It.

I saw this the other day and thought of my poor neglected blog. I've been blogging so long that if you come around here, just check out my archives. I'm sure that last year this time looks pretty similar to this time this year.

As a matter of fact, long before Groundhog Day there was Same Time Next Year, one of my favorite movies of all times. Even though the theme was adultery I think I took comfort that no matter how much some things changed there can be a stability in our lives if we nurture it. Gosh, I love that movie. Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn, particularly Ellen Burstyn, I don't think ever received enough credit for the incredible actor that she is. Perhaps, I should rent it soon. But, really, I think I get bored with stability, I like new things, challenges, and change. So, I've been seeking them in some unfamiliar and familiar places lately, and so far it's been good times for me.

I'm doing fine. I've changed my toenail polish to green, because I just like to be different. When I was in high school, I had a blond rat tail about a year earlier than everyone else. I wore my pants above my ankles about a year too early too, and was made fun of because of it. Heck, I even got a tattoo before it was mainstream for a female to do so. I'm not all that much of a forward thinker, adventurer these days. I'm more of an Eddie Bauer, nondescript, accounting type, which I gotta tell you... I loathe! I can't wait to be my own person again and REBEL! So, for now, I do it in small ways, like picking odd color choices for my toenails, and driving a Mustang like some mid-life crisis induced man.

There's a commercial on TV right now that I just LOVE because I really hope to have that flippin' zest when I'm older that these ladies exhibit. I want it back damn it, that is if I ever had it. The business world has a way of smothering individuality. It's a tragic necessity. I suppose. But, in case you haven't seen the commercial, revel and dream for a moment with me. Don't these ladies look like they know how to have a good time?


Bridgett said...

Wanna be rebels together?
I miss the old 'me' too.

Motherhood changed me. But there are times I miss the me I used to be.


Cindy said...

My blog is neglected, too. Obviously. I just can't seem to let it FLOW!!! It's all caught up in my head.

My toenails are right this minute a sparkly BLUE!! I think we are on the same wavelength here, you and me. I was just talking with a friend yesterday (my spa facialist, as she was giving me my cafe-cocoa body scrub!) and we were agreeing on how we don't care what others think, that we can be Twilight geek girls, get silly over American Idol, and have fun no matter what we look like to others!! I hear you on the loathing ... I know, logically, that a way to make money is to work in an office in some sit-down work on a computer CUBICLE job, but just thinking of it makes me want to puke!! I did it for years and I just don't know how I could go back. If I could afford it, I'd buy a Jeep Wrangler, take off the soft top and own my own card & paper making business!!!! Maybe ONE DAY I WILL!!!!! That's something we could do together when we are old women!!!

ginny said...

2 things:
1. I love the old woman ad. Once when I had a retail store, we had an 80 year old customer who was enthusiastic and always learning new things she would share with us. I said to my partner/son " I hope when I am that old, I will play like she does". His answer was " why wait?"
2. Love Ellen Burstyn

gigi said...

I absolutely adore that commercial! 'Bout time we learned to celebrate women past the age of Penthouse pinup-titude. We're freakin' fabulous! And when I am an old woman, I shall get a tattoo that says as much. ;)

Funny, but I have no trouble seeing you as an adventuress (a term I like very much, BTW) You have done and continue to do things your own way, and in your time. But you know I'm all for movin' it outside the box whenever so inclined. Give a rebel yell!

Tressa Bailey said...

I'm gonna be like that! I always wanted to be the crazy old lady that kids whisper about. Eccentric and living life on my own all I gotta do is survive until I get there.

MzAmy said...

Ahh, I like that. I was just thinking today, that I didn't want to get that old. maybe I do.

maybe I already feel old.

I know how you feel about feeling the need to break out of the duldrums. I have done that for the last 3 years. Now, I feel the need to sink back in them.

but, you go ahead....get ziggy with it.