Tuesday, March 17, 2009


That's a crappy ass picture of my ugly ass feet but I'm posting it anyhow because I can and it's proof that I didn't spend the past week hiding out in the corner of my closet picking scabs on my belly. I went and got my first pedicure EVER right after I posted that entry and then took myself to see "He's really not that into you." The movie was adorable and just what I needed. And, I now LOVE pedicures. I MUST find a way to keep them in my budget. Of course, as each day goes by that gets harder and harder.

I hate my feet. I always have. Probably because of all the mean things my brother who shall go nameless (I have three) said about them when we were growing up. But, I almost like them now. It's amazing what a pedicure can do for them ~ a professional one that is. I've always kept my nails polished but it was much like, Sarah Palinshitforbrains, putting lipstick on a pig.

On to other things...my eye is twitching. It's another thing that occurs when I repress stress. Work is incredibly stressful. The economy is kicking our ass along with everyone else's. I really don't feel right whining. I at least have a job! But, I also have what feels like survivors guilt and worry and it's hitting me in ways too that I can't mention here because I want to keep that job. And, yet, I am happy and grateful because at least I have a job.

Now, I'm off to pour myself some more wine, it seems to be helping that twitch!


Donna said...

Cheers. You'd LOVE your feet if you could see mine: toenails permanently removed. Size 11. Flat as a flitter, and very calloused from going barefoot so much of my life.

Yeah. I'll trade feet with you any old time.

But you know what? I'm grateful I can walk.

Donna said...

It's when the bad word is in the title of the post that it shows on my blog, so you're safe. Ass wouldn't get you removed anyhow.

Bridgett said...

Pedicures are the cure-all for everything...I'm convinced. And yours looks fabulous.

BTW, the Sarah Palin comment cracked me up. :)

gigi said...

The pedicure looks great, you scab-picking, closet-sitting, eye-twitching charmer you! Happy Day-after-St.Paddy's-Day (!) or, as it's known around the Martini household, why-is-my-tongue-green? And-who-is-that-sleeping-in-the-fireplace?

Let's go get pedicures next week.

PS ~ you have a bunion too. :)

MzAmy said...

Yes, well. I don't like my feet either. and I am not a fan of pedicures or manicures. I'm wierd that way.

Your feet look just fine to me!
is that black toe nail polish?

Cindy said...

Your toes look fab! I love painted toes on myself, but my one pedicure I got didn't impress me. I like dark colors like that, too.

Happy Spring!!! And the baby shit yellow color is gone from my blog (I assume you meant the loading background color, not where the text is, cuz that's cream.) I changed the other to white...it WAS gross!!! :) Make any cards lately????!!! Send one to me!!!!!!!!!

Wil said...

Nice toes. Nice sandals, too. The wife found some made by Crocs today that she liked a whole bunch - enough to get a pair for her daughter as a gift so #1 daughter would stop stealing hers...

Besides the use of ETOH for stress relief, I suggest spending an afternoon at the range. Surprising how much better one feels after firing off a hundred (or more) rounds from one's favorite handgun.

Robbie said...

Hey you old dog you! It's nice to see you around my parts. Having grown up in Florida, I call this kind of shoe a 'flip-flop' or the most basic of the breed are 'shower shoes.'

I own a pair of Croc flip-flops too but darn they were expensive...something like forty bucks I think. But, they are much more comfortable than the basic flip-flop.

I don't own any guns. I prefer less deadly means of protection but I suppose I could go to a batting cage but I'd have to be more angry than just frazzled and worried like I'm feeling.

What is ETOH?

emmapeelDallas said...

Your feet look fine; your brother was just giving you a hard time. And I know what you mean about the job...I'm in a similar situation; actually, I think lots of us are. Hang in there, and keep pedicures in the budget. They're great therapy.

Oberon said...

...paint those nails red and your eye will stop twitching....keep the wine coming....and where's my post? lol.

aims said...

Robbie! It was so good to see you over at my blog! I'm glad you stopped by to visit us. Yes, Stephen has grown and is almost my size! (and thanks for the advice for my dh’s work)

Actually, I think you have adorable feet and I'm lovin' that toe nail polish! I say keep up the pedicures; every woman should find at least one special thing to do for herself and what could be better than a foot massage by a professional?

Wine helps eye-twitches? I’ll remember that. I hate when those things happen.

Stay in touch! I hope you’re doing ok. I notice this entry was about a month ago but it is tax season and I imagine you’re busy and may have a lot of eye-twitching going on because of that. But hey, tax season will be over at midnight! Hope we hear from you soon. Take care!