Monday, September 08, 2008

Strange Overtones from some Talking Heads

I wake up ev'ry morning

I hear your feet on the stairs

You're in the next apartment

I hear you singing over there--

I came of age listening to the Talking Heads. Burning Down the House was the video to see. Talking Heads, Robert Palmer, Devo, Men at Work, INXS, Dire Straits and perhaps a few others made MTV what it was back in the day, and seems to no longer be. Do they play any videos at all? They were the pioneers of Reality TV and now that is all that there seems to be on there.

This groove is out of fashion

These beats are 20 years old

I saw you lend a hand to

The one's out standing in the cold--

Through the years, David Byrne of the Talking Heads has continued to produce an amazing portfolio of creative endeavours. He is one of those artists whose talent knows no limits. He sings, he writes, he performs, he does art installations, he photographs. What doesn't he do? He fascinates me and inspires me to the point I want to consume him. No, I don't mean in a Jeffrey Daumer literal kind of way just a -- I want to sit at his feet and watch, listen, breath, absorb everything I possibly can until my head pops kind of way.

Strange Overtones

In the music you are playing

I'll harmonize

It is strong and you are tough

But a heart is not enough-

David Byrne and Brian Eno have teamed up to release a new album. And, it seems that they are doing without a label. They are using a company called Top Spin Media to manage the digital distribution straight from their website, Everything That Happens Happens Today.

You won't find this on iTunes but you can play the full album on the site if you want. And, I don't mean 10 second bites that by-pass the hook, I mean the whole song, CD, everything. You can even get a free song download, although for $8.99 I couldn't resist buying the 11 track digital copy.

Darn! I wanted to embed the player here, but I can't get it to work. I guess being away so long has me a bit rusty. If you go to the website, you can play it there or if you can figure it out, you can embed it on your site. Hey, let me know, so I can poach the code. :-D


aims said...

hi Robbie! it's been FORever since I've been by here to say hello to you. I used to LOVE Talking Heads back in the day! this is awesome!

Take care!


gigi said...

I grew up in the age of...oh, never mind. Let's just say megaphones were involved. Did Rudy Vallee ever do MTV?

I love the whole concept of being able to play a full album on the site, and of the band managing their own distribution. Puts the control and the profit back in the hands of the artists.* What a novel idea!

Sydney said...

Hey would totally like to check it out. I grew up with all the same music and was heavily involved in the industry at that time, seeing Cheap Trick, The Police, the Pretenders, The Cars, Talking Heads, Devo, B-52's etc... all rise from club bands. That was the first years of MTV, and remember how great it was. I think it started the shift with Yo MTV Raps....