Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back to School

How do you like the outfit I chose to wear on my first day of school today? Am I over accessorized? Perhaps I thought it was going to snow or something. Well, I did picture myself walking down a New York street as I made my selections. Although, I don't think it's quite that cold there yet.

Ha! People who know me would know that I can never be over accessorized. I'm lucky if I am -ized at all. Today, I really pushed the limits. I wore earrings that matched my sweater that matched my toenails. And, yes, you could see my toenails because I was indeed wearing a sweater and sandals. It's still hot as dos jalapenos in Los Angeles so sandals are quite appropriate, perhaps the sweater isn't but I dress for the office temperature not the street.

Okay so I'm not really starting school either but it kind of feels like it since I took such a long blogging break. I used to love going back to school when I was a kid. I looked forward to the commercials every year and I anxiously awaited whatever catalogue I could get my hands on. I preferred Spiegels but I was equally gleeful to study the JCPenny's catalogue and in a desparate fit I'd even fantasize over the odd color spectrum of the Sears catalogue. I would write down everything I wanted and run a tally. Hmmm, perhaps the Accountant in me existed long before I realized my calling.

People who know me now probably would be shocked to know that I would spend all my babysitting money on Jordache jeans and prairie blouses (think Blair on the Facts of Life), on mongramed sweaters and boat shoes. Yes, I admit it. I was a preppie. Well, until I got rebellious and poked the second hole in my ear and had my friend cut out and die a blonde rat tail on the back of my head. Ah, those were the days. Somewhere along the way I lost that thrill. I have too many other things to pull my attention these days. I'm just glad to leave the house clothed. I buy multi pairs of slacks that are exactly alike in style and color even. Come to think of it, I do it with sweaters too. I've created the equivalent of a sweatsuit but for the office. Screw fashion or accessories, I just want to get out the door on time and be comfortable in what I am wearing. I'm losing my train of thought just thinking about all of this.

Recently, I found a site that can help me to relive my more fashionable memories. It's called Polyvore. It's amazing the creative compilations that people are putting together. I like the idea of creating color schematics to inspire me in other creative endeavours. It is actually a shopping site but watch out for some of the prices. Yikes! That chunky fun sweater dress above will set you back twenty-five hundred dollars.

Here's what I'm wearing to school tomorrow... I call it "Forever in Blue Jeans." (But of course) My favorite are those black shoes though. I may just break the piggy bank and buy those bad boys.


gigi said...

OMG ~ that is so addictive. In fact, I would have commented about 2 hours ago but I got lost in the swirling vortex of happy imagery that is Polyvore. I love what you've put together here.

And I so totally want those shoes.

Welcome back!

Donna said...

What a treat to have you back!

Wil said...

Nice to see you return to your blog. Nest time, model that outfit for us!

I hope all is mostly good in your life now -- I've missed your take on the important things in the world ... like fashion.

Sydney said...

You're baaaack!

Lisa :-] said...

Well, hello Ms. Robbie!

Welcome back to the land of blog. By your description of your office uniform, you would be a perfect candidate for "What Not To Wear." I cans see Stacey and Clinton hiding behind your computer monitor now...


alphawoman said...

Yay, you're back. We use to get new clothes for school too. Nothing too fancy though. Ah, the trails and tribulations of the school uniform!

Anonymous said...

I was beginning to wonder when they would allow the ankle bracelet to come off.

Welcome back!


sunflowerkat321 said...

Love that second outfit!!

So glad to see you back!


Tressa Bailey said...

OMG.....I do the same thing with buying multiples of the same item. I have 14 pairs of black slacks and I would guess (because I don't feel like running upstairs and counting them) 20 blazers as I've always called them...suit jackets...and at least 4 of those are black. It must be something that happens when people move into the back office.

When I was in school it was the disco era and I was a disco queen! Shoulder length hoops, very feathered hair lame pants I had to lay down to zip up and frilly shirts with spike heels or even better....platform shoes! OMG! I had bell bottoms wider than my backside!