Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Birdie Card

Happy Birthday TA1
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I thought I'd share a recent card I made. It was inspired by one on pages 74 & 75 in the book, "Treasury of Tips & Tricks." You can see a part of it in this photo. It's the dragonfly image to the left.

I changed the card up a bit beyond just stamping a bird instead of a dragonfly onto the acrylic scrap. Besides making the acrylic piece much smaller, I raised it up by covering dimensional dots with matching embossing powder. I liked how raising it up caused the bird to project a shadow.

I also made the stars match by coating them with embossing powder. Sadly, I got a little ahead of myself though and mounted the bird while the birthday script was still wet and it smeared some.

This card took a lot of planning and trial and error. I was being real careful up to that point. I hate when I mess up. I got careless. Hopefully, I'll do better next time, if I can develop some patience that is. I have another idea to play off this same concept.

I almost forgot an important part, the checkerboard background. It was made using adhesive tabs and embossing powder. Cool, huh?


Judith HeartSong said...

I love your card! I also love the use of the embossing powder. You create beautiful things Robbie!

Sydney said...

My god, this is such a great tribute. Thanks for posting it, and the link to the woman's studio site so I could read more about her experiences with Paul.

You can see whenever he was speaking on camera about this work he was so moved. It is a tragic loss, and at the same time he did so much with his life, and apparently was very involved locally in CT... one can only hope to have a life that's so full.

Tressa Bailey said...

What a great man and what a huge loss. He was one of my favorites.

I actually stopped by to invite you to check out the photos of my sister's native american wedding ceremony. http://stormswhisper.blogspot.com/

I thought I did pretty well with these shots....The sun was so bright it was almost impossible!

gigi said...

It's really beautiful; your cards are each like miniature works of art, suitable for framing. Lovely things all, but this little birdie in particular.