Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tribute to Paul Newman

I have admired this man since I was a little girl and first saw him in the movie "The Sting." In my mind, he represented what it meant to live a full and passionate life. He was the ideal that I held in my heart as the kind of man I would want for myself. He will be missed. There's not only a hole in the wall, or a hole in many hearts, but a hole in humanity because of his departure.

A beautiful tribute from a blog that I recently started following and in a more personal perspective can be found here: Memories of Paul Newman


Donna said...

Indeed! My first, favotite "hunk".

Those blue eyes slayed me.

Sydney said...

Sorry -- I posted my comment about PAul on the previous post about your card!

I don't understand why people like him, who are doing so much for the world, aren't blessed to be the ones who live to be 100 -- as many people are doing now.

emmapeelDallas said...

Beautiful tribute. Hey, migrating my old AOL posts I found you again! I'm linking and I'll be back to get caught up.


Sydney said...

Hey -- thanks for stopping by my blog -- I think you might like the one called Adventures in Nature (I have 3).

I agree about leaving NYC, though my blood pressure and general stress on my bod (walking, lugging bags in all weather, subway stairs, jumping in and out of cabs with impatient drivers and impatient people waiting for the cab) has gone Waaaay down.

But, my husband to be was here, and I was not into long distance relationship. He has a project here he could not leave for a few years as his two boys finish up college, and I was about 47 so..... I picked my prioirities and moved. I miss my coffee shops -- don't get me started. It's still an option to consider...

I found your blog a year ago or more -- been a lurker -- thru Albglinka, and I think you and gigi know each other? Love her stuff too.

gigi said...

I heard about his passing while I was abroad. He was a beautiful man and a beautiful human being. Would that we were all more like him.

I really like that link to Ginny's Small Studio ~ nice stuff! Good find; I'm adding it to my bloglines. Inspiration needed. :)

Robbie said...

Gi: I'm jealous! You sound so glamorous and worldly..."while abroad." I hope one day to be able to say that.