Thursday, March 11, 2004

Trying to be good.

  I have two weeks left for this session of classes. In that time, I have two tests and two papers due.  As such, I'll be updating less often. Right now, I am studying for a test that I have on Saturday. Trying my best to stay focused. But, it's so hard!!! 

I'll have a new entry either Saturday evening, or Sunday morning and I will answer the comments to my last entry at that time. I've been reading journals a little, but will get caught up with y'all this weekend.


bridgetteleigh75 said...

We'll cross our fingers for an "A" on your test Saturday! In the meantime, I'm playing catch-up too. Hang in there, Robbie! Only 2 more weeks. =)

XO ~ Bridgett

sistercdr said...

Good thoughts for your tests and papers.

queenz43 said...

I know you are doing what you have to do but that doesn't mean I'm not missing those thoughts of yours. Pass that test and unleash those ruminations... :-)

sethdellinger said...

It can get to be a lot of work, this journaling! I've enjoyed the small break that I've taken, but it's nice to be back! A few weeks yet till I've got a computer in my house again...then I'll really be back! Enjoy your journalling break!

barebytes said...

Do what you gotta do to get where you gotta get. First things first, good luck with your test and your papers. Hugs Lanny

gingergirl05 said...

Rock on with your smart self, girl! Good luck with the tests and the papers!! :o) ~ Kate xo

aims814 said...

Good luck on that test, girl! I'll be thinking about ya. Get back to us when you can :)

slowmotionlife said...

I'm soooo behind. I hate that I can be away from AOL-J for 2 days and when I come back, it feels like two weeks. Bloglines is unmanagable. I almost wish I couldn't see how many entries have been posted since I've been MIA. Ugh. Good luck with your classes, hon!!

itsjustusinnc said...

Hell, I'm trying to catch up right now! And failing miserably! LOL! You just can't walk away from J-Land without getting WAAAAYYYY behind it seems. I'm reading another entry was I'm typing this one (usually causes me to make typos) & have been doing so all night long & I'm STILL not even half-way done. EEEK!


marigolds2 said...

hey robbie, just stopped by to see if you've written that entry yet on Afghan women that you mentioned in a comment on my journal. you haven't, and now i see why! you're too busy with your life! very cool entry on meeting another AOL journaler in Real Life, what fun. hope tomorrow's test goes well, of course it will if you study and know the material.. it's the only luck there is. hasta luego.

freeepeace said...

Good luck on your test. No worries. We'll be here, whenever you can make it. :)

derossetfamily said...

Good luck on your tests and papers! You must be exhausted from all the studying, but at least its all worth it right? Take your time getting caught up around here (that in itself is exhausting!), we arent going anywhere ;)

musenla said...

Good luck, Robbie! Don't worry about us, we'll be here when you get back.

Now I remember honing reviewing for tests down to a science. Get everything ready before hunkering down for the long haul? Get the coffee, water, snacks, comfy pillow to sit on or against, soothing music and you're in business. Don't forget to stretch and take breaks.

Now go ace those tests!

linus131999 said...

good luck robbie! i just got done taking a mad science test. i know exactly how u feel. im on break now (but got ton of work to do) cant wait to get a new entry:) take care

lucylouladybug said...

Be well and do what you need and want to do. I haven't had much energy lately for journaling. I've been reading and commenting, just not doing much with mine.
Have a good weekend, hope you did well on your tests.
Love you, Penny

lisbnjvi said...

Robbie, I am doing fine, thank you so much for stopping by my journal! It only took since Tuesday, but today is the first day I am feeling better. I hope you did well on your test and can't wait to read how it went! I give you all the kudos in the world woman for going to school like you are!! I know I couldn't do it! I don't think I have enough brain cells left! Hee-hee! Just know, I am thinking of you!
Hugs and love, Lisa

krobbie67 said...

BRIDGETT: You can stop crossing your fingers. I tanked! But, hopefully, I can make it up on the next test and the paper. There are only one and half more weeks now for THIS session of classes. The following week I will start two more classes.

SISTERCDR: Thanks for the good thoughts. Now if I only would have had some while I was taking the test.

RC: A new entry will be coming up soon. I am still going to have to keep a low profile this week though so I can get the papers done and do better on my next test.

SETH: I could have really used some journaling time this week. It was a very challenging and emotional week for me but no time to sort it out.

LANNY: Thanks! I haven’t forgotten your question. I’ll be making an entry next about it.

krobbie67 said...

GINGERGIRL – KATE: Rocking on! Trying to anyhow. ;-)

MIA: Thanks!

SLO: It sucks how life goes on in J-land with or without us! But, so does life in the “real world” and that’s where real living is anyhow. So, don’t stress. J-land will be here when you need it.

GREGG: Whatever excuse you want to give for all those typos is fine by me! LMAO!!!

MARIGOLD: I will do the Afghan entry soon. I need to do a little research though to do it justice and I just don’t have the time right now. Unfortunately, I was ill-prepared for my test. My other class demanded so much time that I’ve neglected my Investments class. This week I’m hunkering down though and hopefully will do better on my next test. I know the general material but the equations are kicking my butt.

krobbie67 said...

FREEE: Thanks!!!

MARY: It is exhausting! Four years of this pace has pretty much worn me out. But, I’m on the downhill side now. The sight of the finish line is keeping me motivated to see it through.

MUSE: I’m getting to a point where my study skills are shot. I’m spinning my wheels doing the wrong thing and not retaining anything it seems. I think I’m on information overload. My brain feels like it can’t hold another thing. But….I’ll keep treading water until I’m through.

VANESSA: That’s usually how it goes for me. Focus on the immediate issues at hand and catch up on the others as the deadline looms closer. Someone said yesterday that we have a week off before the next set of classes starts. So, I guess I do get a little break. But, I’ll probably use it to start reading ahead so I can’t hit the ground running.

PENNY: Sad to say but I’m glad you’re on a slow point with your journal. It’ll make catching up easier for me. LOL!!

LISA: I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. As far as school goes, I do what I have to do. But, I feel lucky; some of my classmates have families to take care of. How they do it all amazes me!!!