Monday, March 08, 2004

Only in California~Only in AOL~Only in My Life

Only in California. Last week the weather was cold, rainy and ooogly here, which compared to what some have received this winter isn't bad. However, rain here means snow in the surrounding mountains. Over the weekend, the weather took a turn my way. It was beautiful and sunny. The perfect day to meet a friend in Santa Monica for a "cup 'o tea." I felt so great as I left Santa Monica and pulled onto the I10 to head home. As I left the beaches of Santa Monica behind me, ahead in the distance were snow capped mountains. It's just the most amazing thing to me. To be less than a mile from the beach, yet to see snow. No where else have I experienced such a thing.

Only on AOL. I didn't really have a cup of tea with my "friend." I had coke and she had "yellow water." I meant to ask her but forgot. What the heck is yellow water anyhow? Isn't that what you call pee? Hopefully, she'll answer here. Because, you see, the "friend" I met was none other than our very own Freeepeace. And, I am here to attest, she is as real here as she is in reality. It's so refreshing to actually put a real face to the words. A real human, flesh and blood. Hopefully, we'll have the chance to hang again because I can think of at least five different conversations we started only to not finish and jump on to something else. Oh yes, we were "Chatty Cathys", skipping from one topic to the next. And, I have a feeling she'll say: "Right On" to that one. ;-)

Only in My Life. I had a pleasant, easy-going weekend. Then at work today, I took a look at my calendar and realized I only have two weeks left to complete two papers and take two tests, one of which is this Saturday. Panic, regret, anxiety sunk in - way in. So, I came home with the best of intentions. I would clean things up a bit, eat a little something, then hit the books hard. But, wait, I've got to check in and read a few journals first. Okay, I'll allow myself that, but only if I finish and get crackin by 7pm. Well, it's now 9:15pm. I haven't cleaned anything, I'm getting kind of hungry and well my books are staring back at me, screaming "Open, Open, Open."

As such, I must flee but just can't resist sharing a few journals that caught my attention tonight and are to blame for my tom-foolery.

A Fool On The Lake - She has an hysterical entry about our "Commander in Cheat" and her husband's practicing of Free Speech.

Giggles Guffaws or Groans - Christina from My Journey with MS turned me on to this one. Today the posting is "Axioms for Today." One of my favorites was "He who laughs last, thinks slowest."

Speaking of slow, Swifty's True Journal is the last journal I would like to share for the night. It's one that I have no clue how I found. (Someone must have the link out there somewhere and that's how I stumbled upon the journal but I don't see anyone commenting.) His, or her, wit is sardonic but true. I said slow because he, or she, has a posting tonight about his, or her, thoughts on Cliques in J-Land. A bit slow I would think, that's so last week. ;-) Although, according to him, or her, he, or she doesn't read our AOL-J's let alone his, or her own. Jeeeze, if only it was a requirement that we reveal our sexes in the "About Me" section of our journals. But, I guess that would go against the other entry he, or she, has about judging based on gender.


itsjustusinnc said...

Well, I'm jealous you got to meet Freee! How cool! Glad you had a nice weekend, even if you did point out a glaring typo of mine in a most malicious manner (my head still hurts ya know! LOL!) And I speed-read through Swifty's last 10 entries. Sounds liek someone who doesn't have alot of friends. But what do I know. I'm only a genius. I'll run by the others a little later. Thanks for the pimping!!! :-)


kathlyna22 said...

Yellow water eh? creepy? How much fun! You got to meet Free?
sounds like a good weekend to me

freeepeace said...

Ha! Great bit with the "his, or her" in that last journal. I, or I, will get there when I, or I can. :P I'm even more behind in AOL-J tonight than I was when we met for our "tea" yesterday. And I must say, I'm THRILLED to hear your experience of me is the same that I had of you! You are who you are - and it shows here. "Right on!" I love that. What a gorgeous day it was too!

And that "yellow water" was VitaminWater. They make all different colors - each serving a different purpose [ha! whatever...just another gimick] I just happened to know the "yellow" one has caffeine in it! With my low-energy-weekend I wanted a pick-me-up. And with the heat, I needed water. Soooo... put the two together! :)

Here's a link - the yellow one is the last on the page:

Really enjoyed our visit Robbie! Thanks for coming over the hill. xo

babyshark28 said...

LOL on your last paragraph....all the he/she she/he's ha ha...

and boy am I jealous that you have gotten to see Freeepeace....oh, there will come a day where we will throw an aol-j party and everyone who can....will attend. :)

great entry... enjoy those mountains capped with snow!

lisbnjvi said...

Your entry made me smile today! I love your sense of humor! And, I love that you used the word "ooogly"! That is such a Mommy word that I had to laugh! I went to Santa Monica a few years back, but didn't like it too much. We went on a Jim Morrison tour (our own that we mapped out, not an actual "tour"), so we were in L.A. most of the day but stayed in a 5 star hotel in Santa Monica. I guess I am just a New Englander at heart! And, I agree, Freee, is definately a "real" person and I would love to just hang with her too!
Hugs and love, Lisa

queenz43 said...

Hey Robbie,
Wow, " Tea with Freee". Now that sounded nice. I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend. Thanks for pointing out the journals. I have been to one and will have to check out the other two. It seems that I always have seen at least 1 out of 3 journals when they are pimped. Hmmm.. oh sorry, drifted for a moment... focus RC... Get back to those books Robbie. :-)
See ya next time,

jcgeorgiapeach said...

It sound like the scenery was great, the company was great and the weather was great. All in all, a great day. Awesome picture. ~Peachy

rinakatay21 said...

HA! I just got out of my mouth "It's 90 degrees in LA today..." to come here and see you talking about LA weather! Ahh just my morning California yearning...this too shall pass. =) Enjoy the sun and the beach...I'd love to be there today. And if I was we coulda met too..but no tea for water or better yet beer would do! =D

karensull12 said...

I think it's so great that you got to really meet someone from journal land. I've often thought of asking the question in my journal about which 3 people you would like to meet most from journal land, but didn't want to start any new controversies or hurt anyone's feelings. I'm always happy to read new journals, so thanks for the tips. Now get back to writing those papers...

slowmotionlife said...

Awwww.. I'm so jealous!! I actually heard about your meeting on the phone last night. I had to ask her all about you.. what you were like, what you looked like, what you guys did and talked about. LoL I'm glad you both had a good time. It's interesting when journal life moves into real life. :)

andreakingme said...

I think it's cook you and Feep met. Wish I lived near you two, too. (Sunshine. Beaches. Palm trees. Snowcapped mountains in the distance. What more could a girl want?) One of these days, we should plan an AOL-J get together. Maybe. Maybe.

Thanks for the Journal recs, Robbie. I'm winding it down here tonight, but I did check out Swifty's Journal. My, my, he seems an awful lot like someone else I've recently read in AOL-J ... I think I know who he is! I think I know who he is!

~Bratty Andrea

andreakingme said...

Weelll, shoot. The type-oh queen strikes again. I meant cool. Not cook. (Must have food on the brain. I'm hungry.)

Yellow water! Only Feep.

gingergirl05 said...

Today it rained/snowed here in CT. We're supposed to be getting a few inches of snow this week or next (senile moment). It was 60 last week, 30 this week. New England is strange.

Tea with Freee? Sounds like something that is sure to be fun and thought-provoking. She seems to be quite smart and interesting. Yellow water? It does sound like pee... hmm lol.

Swifty's True Journal sounds different. I like different. I'll be sure to check it out, as well as the other journals mentioned.

Good luck with the school stuff! Procrastination is my middle name, so I know how you feel. ~ Kate xo

quroboros said...

Aaah, life from the Netherworld. It all sounds so wonderful, I'm seething with jealousy! ;-) ~Holly

deabvt said...

Thanks,robbie....Great Pic!!!!!!!!!!
Vince [nice that you two met!]

musenla said...

Ah yes, only in California! That's why I love it here, never mind the smog and traffic! I'm glad that you and Freee finally met. I've met her before and even gone to her Genghis Cohen dig. She's as real as they get. =)

There are so many good journals out there now, it's hard to keep up. Swifty is back, huh? He/she was gone for a while, I have to check what's new over there.

bridgetteleigh75 said...

How wonderful that you and Trish were able to meet! I'm envious, I must say. I wish I lived closer to some of the amazing people here in AOL-J Land. And that picture you've posted is absolutely beautiful.

Now get to studying! =)


aims814 said...

Ahhh! I am so happy that you guys met in person and had yellow water, LOL! At the same time, I am so jealous! Wish we could all sit down and have a coke and a smile :) Cool! Well, you are the last journal I can visit tonight. I must get some sleep. Take care!

krobbie67 said...

GREGG: I’d like to know why no one is jealous that Freee met me!!! Mmmfhhh! And, baby it wasn’t a “typo” it was “typOS" LMAO!!!

KATHLEEN: Last weekend was indeed a nice weekend! It seems so long ago. I can’t wait until I am done with school so I can live life like a normal person again.

FREEE: Right On! I’ll have to check out the water link. I am soooo anti-water. Those might just be the trick for me. Did you call me over the hill? HuH? Did I look that old in person? ;-)

krobbie67 said...

BABYSHARK: A J-land party sounds cool!! I’d be there. But, who knows. I’ve been trying to get up to Seattle, (which I think is the area where you are???? ) for two years now. I have several friends who live up there. I could carve out some time to meet you for a cup of tea. :-)

LISA: A Jim Morrison tour??? How fun is that! I like Santa Monica and Venice but my favorite beaches out this way are south of here in Orange and San Diego Counties. I still miss the East Coast shores though. Warm water and a little cleaner waters. New England??? For some crazy reason, I always thought you were a Jersey girl.

RC: Ya know, it’s funny because that always seems to be the case with me too! At least one out of three, I’ve already been to. I guess that just means we get around. ;-)

PEACHY: All in all an awesome weekend! Too bad there aren’t more of ‘em. The pic isn’t mine. You’ll notice that the leaves are fall foliage. I have a stock photo CD that I got it from. I thought it was a good representation though of what I saw.

krobbie67 said...

KAT: The weather is getting good here. You’ll have to come for a visit. I’d buy you a beer. But, I’ll take something a little hard like a Screwdriver. Beer is yucky to me. Blah!

KAREN: I’m not touching that question. I seem to stir the pot of controversy well enough all on my own. ;-) But, honestly, I think it would be hard to pick three that I wouldn’t want to meet.

SLO: As I was driving home Monday night, I had a pain in my left ear. I thought it was congestion from my sinuses. Now, I know it was you gals talking trash about me. Doesn’t make me curious in the least bit what was said. No sireee!!!! Ha! I’m a liar.

ANDREA: Cook – Cool, It’s all the same to me. Except I probably would have thought you were calling me a Cuckoo. ;-) I still haven’t figured out who or what Swifty is but apparently Muse is familiar with his old journal. She recognized the name.

GINGERGIRL - KATE: Freee is definitely one smart cookie! Yellow water does sound interesting, now that free explained it to me. Procrastination is my middle name too! And, Not enough time Damn it! <----But I get weird looks when I sign my full name so I just stick to the first and last. LOL

krobbie67 said...

HOLLY: You’ve got the Texas coastline to bask in and lakes around Dallas are pretty darn kickin too! No need to be jealous!!! Trust me!

VINCE: Always glad to see you stop by. Pic is a stock photo.

MUSE: California definitely has some wonderful attributes that unfortunately get lost in all the grime, crime, and day-to-day grind. Sometimes, I just stop and breath, gag on the smog, and look around at all the beauty that we are destroying. You’re familiar with Swifty??? I’m still trying to figure him/her out.

BRIDGETT: It seems that there is quite a large AOL-J crowd up your way. You ought to plan some kind of get together and tell us all about it so we can be envious of y’all.

MIA: I’m glad we got a chance to meet too! It was great fun. And Freee is a hoot! A girlfriend of mine is getting married in New Orleans next month but unfortunately I won’t be able to make it out there for it because of school. But, if I did, I’d share a coke and a smile with you for sure. Or, better yet, watch Stephen so you could have some Mia time. :-)