Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Shut Up Rebecca!


 I bet you are wondering what the heck I'm doing posting an entry in the middle of a work day. Well, take a close look at the picture, it should clue you in real quick. Yup! On my way to work this morning, my car broke down! Sucks Big Time!

Now, the "Rebecca of Sunny Broke Farm" side of me is trying hard to look at the positive side of things. The breakdown occurred right in front of a service station. It could have happened while I was on Laurel Canyon which would have been an absolute nightmare. What really sucks is that it is more than likely my timing belt.

I hear my brother, Andy, screaming as he reads this. You see, he warned me over a year ago when I got my clutch fixed that I should have my timing belt replaced. I didn't ignore him. I swear! I got an estimate then and even got one last month when I had my oil changed. I was toying with the idea of taking it in this Saturday to have it fixed. However, the cheap, tight-wad, ostrich side of me really wanted to stick my head in the sand for another month.

Well, "Father Time", stepped in and said Screw You! Zap! Powey! Kaboom! Now, I sit here worrying that I've done serious damage to my car that will cost me an arm and a leg. If they would accept my thighs as payment, I would be happy but I don't think that's gonna happen.

I thought about taking a cab to work but am not sure what I'd do if the service station called to say they want my first born child as down payment, especially since I don't have one to offer up. I figured crying, hissy fits at work would be frowned upon. As such, I decided to take a vacation day.

Probably for the best since I have a final exam tonight in my Investments class that I am ill prepared for. Ugggg!!! Tell Rebecca to shut up already! I really hate her some days.


babyshark28 said...

ahhhh so sorry Krobbie!!!

what a big fat pain....
but, you know, rebecca is just there to help you deal with it all. to keep your from going completely crazy. go easy on her. lol
Well, I hope it doesn't cost you TOO much!

karensull12 said...

Ahhh, poor Robbie!!!! Sorry about your car troubles. I would have done the same thing as you--waited it out until it was too late...I'll be sending good vibes your way so that the problem is minor, and that you do well on your exam!!!

grodygeek said...

The bad news is that it may not be worthwhile to repair. Not all mechanics are going to know this either. When a timing belt breaks in some engines, the pistons and teh valves can make physical contact and hence cause way more damage. You should either do some research on this or sweet talk your brother into help with the research. You can look on the web. There are often "car groups" that discuss such mechanical mayhem and it is boring, but can be useful. The point is don't spend money on the rework until you know it won't become a black hole for money. I've been there and done it. It all depends upon how old the car, how many miles, and a few other things. Entire engine replacement might be cheaper. Its not a certainty, but it is possible.
Gordy the gearhead

krobbie67 said...

GORDY: !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're a couple of hours too late. They called earlier and I authorized the work. I even agreed to have the waterpump and torque or something replaced! And now I have a knot in my stomach because I think that's what my brother told me about MY car. Screwed I am! So, do these other things occur immediately??? I plan on getting a new car this year but wanted to wait a couple of months. Should I start looking this weekend? UGG!!!!

krobbie67 said...

KAREN: Thanks! I sure hope your well wishes over-ride Gordy's curse of doom!

BABY: Darn you're fast woman! I just posted the entry and boom your comment appeared. :-) ---Robbie

debijanssen said...

I'm so sorry, I hate car problems I've had alot of them lately.....I'm always worried about that Damn timing belt...

barebytes said...

Robbie, I'm so sorry this had to happen just now when things were going so smoothly for you. Hope it's and easy fix and that there are not more problems with it than that. I keep my fingers crossed and send prayers. Hugs Lanny

itsjustusinnc said...

Aw Robbie! I'm sorry hon. To take "Rebecca's" side, it COULD have been much worse and I know you know that. It's okay though. We need these little set-backs to help us appreciate when things go smoothly. :-)


linus131999 said...

im sorry about ur car messing up timing belt pheww i hope its not that. that can be pricey i hope ur exam went well!

gingergirl05 said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry that you had major car trouble! I hope that you can get it all fixed without having to promise your life away lol.

I hope that your final exam went well! With all the studying you do, I'm sure that you did just fine. ~ Kate xo

deabvt said...

I`m sorry, Robbie...same thing happened to me.... A drag!!


freeepeace said...

Whoa! Bummer. Bigtimebummer. What's up with your car now? Where does it stand/sit/rest? :( How are you getting to school? Glad you took a vacation day - maybe it happened for that reason. You needed time to prepare for your test. (?) xo

musenla said...

Aww, I'm sorry about your car, but Rebecca sure did a good job looking at the sunny side of things. I'm just as bad with my car; your story reminds me to have it checked ASAP as I've been planning to do the past several weeks, ugh. Life is SO daily, don't you just hate that?! I bet we could all be gazillionaires and conquer the world if we didn't have inconveniences like this!

I hope the car is fixed and that it won't cost you an arm and a leg (or even a thigh!). And good luck on the exam! Consider it revenge on this day and ace that sucker!

bridgetteleigh75 said...

OH NO! Poor Robbie. Car problems are a real bitch. Take it from a girl who knows. I used to drive a Ford Tempo....my God...that thing was a mess!

Anyway....I hope it doesn't cost your first-born as a down payment. Trust me...no car is worth that! LOL

krobbie67 said...

BRIDGETT: They’d be waiting a heck of a long time for a first-born from me! And you’re right, no car is worth that in reality.

MUSE: It’s so hard for me to keep up with the daily! I neglect so much to keep my head above water with my school schedule. Unfortunately, I don’t think I did so well on my test. When I’m anxious it’s hard for me to hunker down and concentrate.

FREEE: You already know the deal. Thanks!

VINCE: Sorry to hear! Misery loves company but I’m not one to wish this crap on anyone.

GINGERGIRL – KATE: I’m not so sure about the test! But, I’ll be happy if I pass. I just want to be done already. If I have to retake a class this late in the game, I’ll shoot myself.

VANESSA: Thanks! It was the timing belt and when all was said and done, it wasn’t cheap. Luckily, I was able to throw it on my charge card.

GREGG: You would take Rebecca’s side!!! LOL! ;-)

LANNY: Thanks! I like it when things go smoothly too! But, it’s my own fault for not taking care of it sooner.

DEBI: I abhor car problems. For some reason, I feel my most vulnerable without a car. My car is getting old so it’s to be expected, especially since I am not the best at preventative maintenance. I’ve known for a year now that I should change that darn belt.