Monday, January 12, 2004

Experimental Answering

Penny posed some questions in her journal yesterday that I want to answer here. Since I'm not in school right now, I feel free to knock around this place and begin to learn my abilities, or should I say, lack of abilities. As such, I spent most of the evening messing with some stuff. Unfortunately, what I was hoping to achieve didn't work out. But, this will, hopefully, do:

Well, there you go. Warts and all. After posting this, I noticed the squigglies. It's because I initially created this in MSWord. I wanted to see if I could load a document to my FTP space and place it on here. I figured out how to link to a document but it took forever to open up, so much so, that even I didn't wait for it. Instead I did a "print screen" and pasted this into my editing program. Oh Well!!!

I'll do the movie review in the morning. I need to do some more productive things, like cleaning and organizing the mess I created over the weekend while unpacking.


babyshark28 said...

My turn...
1. Life
2.Um, I guess, I got a few jobs that I don't think I would have gotten if I wasn't in the "Right place" I am looking for that "right place" again...
3.I agree with everything you said there!
4.I agree Flattery, that fake sappy kind. but, otherwise, I will take it. :)
5.umm, can't tell you, it's a secret.
7.Exactly, the beach. And the woods too. oh, and church (the right church)
I know, I took the lazy way...but, I just posted an entry. :)

craigdelli said...

Ummm, I was going to compliment and flatter you on your column today but I didnt want to make you suspious. <smile>

musenla said...

I feel I know you a bit better with these answers. And it's great that the copying and pasting worked for you. I had the same idea one time but the outcome is too distorted to read. I'm gonna try it again.

raisinglouisiana said...

Thanks for answering my friend!
I tend to post those kinds of things when
I either have so much going on in my head that
I need to shift focus, or when I'm at a total loss
of what to say. Sometimes it's both, lol!
I like how you added it to your journal, scribbles
and all.
Love ya, Penny