Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Still No Movie Review -- But I have another Woohoo

I get easily distracted and I am a professional procrastinator. As such, no Mystic River Movie Review ---yet. However, yesterday was another Woohoo Day.

I found out yesterday that I will be receiving a bonus in my paycheck this coming payday. It's a "thank you" from management for all our hard work. We are changing our year end from June to December. So...yes, just as we've finished up closing the books for last year, we are now turning around to do it again. However, the person who told me about the bonus did so out of turn. Apparently, the President wants to tell me himself. So now, I will have to put on the sunglasses and give him a performance.

Another bit of woohoo is that our company just purchased one of our manufacturers. If that B- was truly earned, I believe that's what you call Backward Integration. But, whether the term is correct, or not, I'm excited. The possibilities of what this could lead to professionally is exciting.

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