Thursday, December 18, 2003

Queer Eye for the Bad Guy

I received this in an email today. It's a comical reflection of something that I've been pondering the last couple of days.I don't have my TV set up yet so all that I've seen has been on the 'net. I've read a little and heard a little about how Saddam was shown on TV being checked for lice and what not. But, what still was the most impacting image was the first one I saw of a very bedraggled individual.

Call me crazy, many people do, but I felt sorry for him, if you will, I felt compassion for the outcome of his life. Here is a man who lived in palaces that over the past year has watched the world celebrate and drag across the news the death of his sons and his way of life. He was no better than a dog living in a hole. Does he deserve to face justice for the crimes that he has extoled on so many people? Of course! I do not argue with that point.

I once read a quote, which I can't for the life of me find tonight, that said something about the measure of civility in a society could be determined by how it cared for it's imprisoned, or something along those lines. In other words, how we treat this man or anyone else who has wronged society is a measure of who we are. Do we need to stoop to the levels of our enemy in order to mete out justice? A while back I read that one of the military units placed his photograph at the entrance to a musuem or something of the sort, as some sort of retribution for putting Bush Senior's photo at the entrance to a hotel in Baghdad. After critizing the captures of the POW's for airing slain Americans and it being against the Geneva Convention, we in turn aired the bodies of Saddam's sons. By doing these things, stooping to the level of our so called enemy, we have done nothing but proven we are no better than those whom we condemn. Therefore, we should condemn ourselves too.

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