Friday, December 19, 2003

In the spotlight

I'm exhausted. Too tired to make any sense what-so-ever. I worked late tonight trying to get our quarterly financials to the CPA for review so he can give the head knod to send them to the bank as per our covenants. I still left too much undone but I'm hoping no one will need anything the remaining 2 1/2 days that the company is open before everyone else is off for the holiday. My company shuts down over the holidays and pays us for it and not by requiring us to take vacation time. I have comp time for the 1/2 day on Wednesday and 2 vacation days for Monday and Tuesday tacked on so I am taking off on a jet plane tomorrow to spend the next two weeks in Texas. Woohoo!!!

I happened upon Andrea's journal as one of my first to read tonight and the news about Mary stole my thunder. I just don't have the spirit in me to write much as a result. Please stop by her place and show some support. Her house and kitties were lost in a fire.

Our very own Livingroom Superstar had a show tonight and was feeling quite nervous. A little love and support her way would be nice too.

Penny has a cute Christmas Conundrum to lighten the mood. Go check it out.

And finally, a few journals that all may not have found yet, that have proven to be great reads and great people behind the writings.

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