Sunday, December 21, 2003

Major Tom to Ground Control

Just thought I would touch base and let everyone know I made it safe and sound. Well, sound I am not so sure about. I was in such a hurry yesterday to get my stuff together that I just threw a bunch of things in a bag before Kevin so kindly whisked me off to the airport.

He's the greatest! He came over Friday night and hung my curtain rods for the curtains in the bedroom. We chatted and goofed so much that we only got those done. Hopefully, I'll be able to persuade him to come back to hang the ones in my livingroom and kitchen. Maybe I'll actually break down and cook my first meal in my apartment and invite him. Yeah, I bet that will do the trick to get him back. I have a great fish recipe.

Anyhow, I'm on my girlfriend's computer so there won't be any graphics until I figure out what's wrong with mine. I think it got knocked around yesterday and something's loose. It keeps telling me it's experienced some fatal error and restarts. I wonder if I drop it if it will correct itself? I think my payoso Willie knows something about computers. I'll get him to take a look at it. I sure hope I can fix it. I actually brought some stuff from work that I want to get done over the holidays. Oh well.

I'm out of here to run around my old stomping grounds and do some shopping. I just wanted to let everyone know at "ground control" that I made a safe landing. Taa taa.

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