Tuesday, December 16, 2003


This entry was inspired by Mia's entry about her brother. I thought it was a great idea to imitate on my brothers' birthdays. Andy's the oldest of us kids. His birthday was December 1st but if you go back to that day, you'll see that other things were weighing on my mind and I just couldn't do him justice.

Andy is my very best friend. It's great to be able to say that. I owe him so much, more than he even realizes. He's always apologizing for being such a horrible brother when we were growing up but honestly if it weren't for him who knows what kind of person I would have wound up to be. He's only five years older than me but it was enough to take the role of father.

We all grew up too fast but I think Andy had it the worst, being the oldest. Andy's my memory. There's so much that I've blocked out about our childhood, but he remembers. He also remembers how Chris and him swindled me out of my Barbie camper and painted it camoflage for their G. I. Joe. But, I also remember how he made me a dollhouse for my Barbie out of cardboard. I left home when I was 15, but Andy, being a young married Airman took me in anyhow. He's always cajoling me to move back to Pennsylvania so I'll be closer. It's nice to know he still wants me around. He's had it rough the last couple of years with his marriage of 19 years ending but he found himself a wonderful young woman that he married in June. I say young because she's 26 and he just turned 41. But, after what my ex-sister-in-law put him through, I can't tease him too much. I'm just glad to see he came out of the mess on the other side and enjoying life more than he knew was possible. Him and I are polar opposites politically. He's a Republican, and I'm a liberal. But, he hates to call me that and isn't too thrilled with being a Repubo himself these days. Yeah!!! I'm wearing on him. Yet, when we get on the phone we talk for hours, about everything. I've learned to call him and ask his advice, especially about guy things. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. I guess I was afraid of making him think less of me. But, he doesn't. He listens, and understands. I love you bro!

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