Friday, November 28, 2003

Uggg - Mike again

I'm doing good getting past it. I rarely think of Mike anymore. Well -- I did a little yesterday because it was a year ago yesterday that I last saw him physically. Last Thanksgiving I went down to Oceanside the night before and stayed down there with him and then drove out to Arizona to spend Turkey Day and the rest of the week with my mom. (No, you're not confused -- my mom was living in Arizona up until this past summer. Now she's back in Texas.) Anyhow, there's always something either via mail, or what not, to remind me of him. When he first returned it was cards and letters that I had sent him that were returned because they weren't forwarded. Then came a jacket I had ordered for his birthday.

He loves Nascar. While he was in Iraq, I ordered two different magazine subscriptions for him and would mail them to him once I received them. I keep getting them but I've gotten used to it. I just throw them away as soon as they arrive. But, now today, I get an email from Amazon telling me that I should check my address log to make sure the address is correct. It was Mike's address of when he was in Iraq. I had sent him a book through Amazon. Uggg why do I have to keep being reminded? I wish it would all just go away. Going through his letters here has really helped and I really am shredding them as I post them here. It's cathartic to get it out but I wish these other reminders would just go away.

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