Wednesday, November 12, 2003

The Story of Mike - Installment 8

Mike and I were in the midst of a disagreement (that's a polite way of saying fighting), that's how this letter came about. It was January, before he left for Iraq and I felt like he was pushing me away. Anyhow, my letter continues here:

Why not just lie down and give up? Why keep fighting? Because this thing called life is all I know for sure. How much of it I have, or how long, or what exists after it is over is all a mystery that I don't hang much hope on.

I think, maybe, I'm just being selfish and self-centered by only thinking of what I want. I think if something feels good and right and it's two consenting adults, and your actions won't hurt anyone else, then go for it. Enjoy what life has dished now because tomorrow there are no guarantees.

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