Tuesday, November 11, 2003

The Story of Mike - Installment 7

It's been a rough day all around. I wasn't going to write but there's part of an email that I sent to Mike once that I want to share. I think if I remind myself of some of what I wrote there, it will help me to reinforce my true belief that the world isn't all that bad.

Hon, this is a long one. I'm sorry. But, getting to the point isn't always easy or short. So here goes: I believe that this can be a horrible ugly world that we live in [I know, you're thinking how is this helping Robbie today -- wait I'll get there.] But, there are some good things, some great and wonderful things that still exist. Friendships, relationships, love, and the interactions we have with others who touch our lives. Unfortunately, those very things can also make it an even uglier world. People lie, steal, cheat, murder, and many other atrocities. To this I am not naive but cautious. Very cautious.

I've been hurt too many times to count and in about every way possible. Yet, I lick my wounds, stand up, and shake off the dust. I also know that sometimes people hurt other people, not out of any intentional malice, but it's just something that happens because people have their own agendas and perceptions. We are all imperfect beings trying to find a little perfection, called love and security.

I really do believe this, today it's just harder than others.

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