Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Practical Jokes

Before heading over to the CSUN website to register for my LAST SEMESTER OF SCHOOL.....Yippeeee!!!! I thought I would jot a lighter note regarding my "Mom Entries."

In spite of all the crappola in life, you gotta laugh. Laughter really is the best medicine!

One of my all time favorite jokes was when I was a senior in high school. My mom divorced husband #4 and we were living in a different house in Los Fresnos. Mom decided to go to school to get her Nursing Home Administrator's license. Every weekend she drove up to San Antonio to take classes, which is about a four hour drive, if I remember correctly, from Los Fresnos.

One such weekend, I decided to add a little fun to her drive. I took one of those musical Christmas cards -- you know the kind that plays tunes when you open them and stops when you close. Well, if you pull that little sucker out of the card it just plays and plays and plays until the battery dies. So, I yanked one out of a Christmas card and stuck it up under her seat for the four hour drive (during the summer, mind you) to San Antonio. She couldn't find it and had to listen to the music until it died, which was pretty much the whole ride up. Four hours of "I'm dreaming of a Whyyyyyte Chrismaasss" hee hee hee.

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