Wednesday, November 19, 2003

How does he do it?

I don't know how he does it. Gregg wrote the other day about all the IMs he gets when he is online. I have not really gotten into the whole IM or Chat thing. I've mostly used the Internet for work and school and of course my all time favorite ~ shopping. Love the Eddie Bauer Outlet site. :-) And now...this journal thing which I'm addicted to. Help me please ~ not really.

I did play a game of fish once with my brother who lives in Pennsylvania, which was totally cool. But, anyhow, I came on line to enter my next Momma Monologue (Kind of like the Vagina Monologues~only with more pain and cramps ;-) and forgot to make myself invisible and the next thing you know there's messages flying back and forth and I can't get anyhing done. And that was just one person! What in the world would I do if I had Gregg's problems. Is this what it feels like to be wanted and popular? ;-)

A few updates: I signed my lease on the apartment today. Yeeha. Cried as I wrote out the check though. I am such a tightwad. I hate forking over that kind of dough.

When I got home Sunday night I sent an email to Mr Coffee (aka: Mr. Stood Up) saying: "Practice what you preach! Tricks are for kids. I waited a half hour. Don't call me!" But, some guys never listen. Yup, you guessed it. He called me Monday night - twice! The first time I didn't hear it and his message went to voicemail. He left some lame excuse about falling asleep. This guy moaned about how flaky people are and yada-yada-yada. Yet he wants me to buy the I fell asleep rap! Isn't it amazing that what someone harps on (incessantly, I might add) is typically the very thing in their own character that is lacking!

Gotta go. Check back in the morning for more about mom.

Thanks to everyone who has been stopping by and leaving encouraging messages. It's very thoughtful of you to take the time. I am truly grateful.

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