Sunday, November 23, 2003

Organized or Insane?

I am all about organization even though as I look around my bedroom it screams LIAR at me. But, see I'm also all about procrastination.

I've been working on the content for the website that I am doing for a team project for most of the day. I need to write an Executive Summary for the Business Strategies Game to turn in with our Year 13 decisions. However, I hate writing. I really do. I swear. Rambling off the top of my head ~like this~ is one thing but to sit down and write a paper no matter what the topic. I hate it. I've always done well but it's like giving birth or something for me. I fight it all the way.

So that leads me to the question of organized or insane. I've been playing with this idea of creating a separate journal for links to other journals, webblogs, and websites that interest me. I came up with the idea because I realized that I surf the journals around here by going into someone else's knowing that it will lead me to this other one that will lead me to another and so forth and so on. If Frank ever shuts either of his journals down I'll be hurting bigtime. Septinx has a nice portal but it's only a list which can be cumbersome. I've got a lot of sites saved in my favorites but it's bogged down. I can never remember who is whom. So, I'm going to create category entries and do some cross referencing. Obviously, this will all take time, of which I have so little. But, lucky me I like to procrastinate and this will fit just fine for those times, like now, when I'm trying to delay doing an assignment.

If you have any suggestions for categories, or would like to be added please leave a comment and let me know. No emails please, it will be easier to click and paste through here.

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