Sunday, November 23, 2003

New Hope, Pennsylvania

I was asked where some great places in Pennsylvania are to see.

I lived in several locations in Pennsylvania at various stages of my life. Although my Mom lives in Texas and my Father is in Florida, I feel like Pennsylvania is home. That's where our family history is and where I connect my heritage. I love the history of Pennsylvania, especially the Philadelphia area. There are so many wonderful historical sites to see.

When I went to PA in June, I found a new place to explore. It's called New Hope. My brother took me through it as we came back from the Poconos. It's North of Philadelphia, but not far. It's a quaint little touristy place, and apparently quite popular for people from the "City", which ever city that might be.

There's a local artist who creates these sculptures of Burros painted in all different colors and designs and they appear throughout the town in some unusual places. I would like to go back sometime and take pictures of them all, kind of like a scavenger hunt. But for now, here's one I found on the website that I linked above.

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