Saturday, November 22, 2003

Attitude Check

I was on campus all day today and didn't leave until 6:30pm. And, to top it off my team wanted to meet tomorrow to work on our Business Strategy Game. I don't know why they call it a game. It's definitely no fun for me!

I was driving home feeling quite miserable. Whatever I've got is wearing me out - all I want to do is sleep. I'm thinking okay Robbie (that's what I call myself when I talk to me) you need an attitude check. Think of some good stuff.

Like: This time next month I'll be in Texas. Yeeha! I love going to San Antonio. Yorktown, where my mom lives, I can do without but going back to San Antonio is like putting on a warm comfortable glove that fits just right.

I lived in San Antonio for six years after I got out of the Army. It was suppose to be a six month pit stop on my way to Florida and college. But life threw me a curve ball and I stayed a while. I miss my friends, especially Debbie and Willie. Debbie and I have been friends for 16 years now. And, Willie, well he's my payoso. He hates it when I call him that ~ so I do it every chance I can.

There are so many more things to be grateful for but I'm sure my 2500 limit has come and gone. So, this will do for a start.

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