Sunday, November 23, 2003

Favorite Places

Michele to answer your question about my favorite place to live. It's a toughy!!! Each place has something special for me. Unfortunately, each place also has some painful memories as well. I lived in Flagler Beach during the 70's. Some of my most painful childhood memories are associated with this place and I haven't been back since. However, I'm planning a trip to Florida early next year.

I really like Florida and Texas as far as weather and scenery and what not. I love the beach. Probably from growing up within walking distance of this very beach pictured above. (For a better picture click on the link. I tried to download the one on that website but it came out blurry.) When we first moved to Florida, our house was right on the beach. It was great. I love being near water and the warmth of the sun.

I liked South Padre Island in Texas a lot too but would never want to live down there again. There really wasn't a lot to do. One of these days I plan on doing a journal series of all the places I've lived but probably won't be able to start it until this semester is over and I have a little bit more free time on my hands. But, until then this will have to do.

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