Sunday, November 09, 2003

Find of the day

After I posted my last entry about Mike, I crashed and woke up at about 10 pm. I had been at CSUN all day working on projects for two different classes. Yeah!!! I have a free Saturday without classes and I spent it on campus anyhow. Booh!!!

I'm awake but not fully lucid so doing more schoolwork is out of the question. So, I decided to check out some of my older blogs that I started following while Mike was in Iraq. I flitted in one or two and then got bored. Most of them are political or military in nature. I wasn't in the mood to think, or else I would have been studying. Duh, Robbie. So, I decided to do a little surfing through blogs that are linked to the pages I was hitting. One thing lead to another and I came upon this site of an artist, named Kurt Halsey.

I'm usually not all that interested in Anime type art, I like Renoir, Monet, Degas, and the ilk, but there's something about this guy's work that touched my softer side. (Yes, one really does exist.) So much so that it moved me to share it here.

The artist is having a showing in Los Angeles next month. I thought for a second that I would go but then I remembered all that I have going on between now and then so I probably won't make it. But, maybe someone out there will be moved enough to check his gallery show out, or at the very least his website, which has even more pics and paintings there.

In addition, I unintentionally hurt someone's feelings. I'm hoping that person will happen upon this and know that I am very sorry to cause undue pain. Please forgive me.

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