Saturday, November 01, 2003

Cell Phones & Bathrooms

I thought of a rant to share before I head back to Nyquil delirium. I'm sure I'll be back every few hours throughout the night though. What is it about Nyquil? You can only take it every four hours but it only allows you to sleep for two.

Anyhow, I woke up and went to the kitchen to get some more Kool-aid. Yes, I confess, I am 35 and I intentionally drink Kool-aid. I like it, especially the kind that isn't pre-sweetened, that way I can short change the sugar and save a few cals. I hate diet drinks. My roommate had baked a couple of cookies and since I haven't had a bite all day I thought I would help myself to one as I proceeded to the bathroom. I would never do such a thing in a normal state of affairs. Eat in the bathroom, on the toilet! It's absolutely disgusting to me. But, it made me think of something that I find even more abominable. Cell phones in restrooms!!!! Public ones at that. I find taking a squat a very personal thing. I would never talk on the phone with someone while doing it. Although, I've had friends and others think nothing of doing it while talking to me on the phone! Anyhow, it's worse when you're in a public restroom and someone is in there whether in line, or the stall squatting themselves, just chatting away. I get stage fright. It ruins everything. How rude!

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