Saturday, November 01, 2003

Name Change

I'm thinking about changing the name of my journal. If I remember correctly from when I started this thing, you can do that.

I chose "Robbie's Rants & Raves" because I like pithy little quips and I was under pressure, but I don't think it accurately describes what is going on here. I haven't really Ranted here. Oh...but I can. Every day as I drive to work I rant about every freakin driver in front of me and don't get me started about Bush or the state of world affairs. But, I haven't really done that here, not yet anyhow. And my one attempt at a Rave earlier today took a nose dive. Yes, Frank, I was Raving about all the nominations you received, and rightly deserve. I just shouldn't have added my piss-ass comments to it.

I'm thinking "Robbie's Ruminations" would be more appropriate. Tell me what you think. I'm all ears and I love group brainstorming. It's amazing the ideas that it can generate.

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