Monday, November 10, 2003

Apartment Hunting Update

I found two apartments yesterday that have serious potential. I never did get in touch with the "Guest House in Hollywood Hills" people. Every time I tried, their line was busy. I put in an application for both of the apartments I found. I'm in a quandary though on which one I should select.

Apartment option one is two blocks from where I work in West Hollywood. It is a one bedroom but pretty small. It's $1,000 a month but comes with a refrigerator. The building is older but kept fairly nice and it also comes with a refrigerator which is nice. West Hollywood is a clean, hip area to live in, especially if you are a gay male. (So, I guess Kevin will be visiting me often. LOL) I would have to move in over Thanksgiving weekend which is earlier than I wanted to because of my schedule with work and school.

Apartment option two is in Hollywood about 30 minutes from work. It's close to the freeway so access to other areas is good. But, most of Hollywood is a pit. The neighborhood is a little raunchy but the building is really nice. It's a larger building and has a little gym, which means I could cancel my eternal membership to Ballies. The apartment is larger. It's a one bedroom with a loft which means lots of room. There's no refrigerator and it costs $1,185 per month. They would want me to move in on the first, which is still earlier than I want but I could just pay for the space and move when I originally planned.

It's a tough decision but I'm leaning towards the one in West Hollywood. It's right off of Santa Monica Blvd and I could walk to shops and what not, which means I would have plenty of reason to get out and about.

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