Thursday, October 30, 2003

The Story of Mike - Installment 2

Letter started below continues:

They are telling us we should be home around the middle of Sept. That's still 2 months away. Seems like forever. But June has flown by.

Actually, Mike landed August 2nd. The only reason I know this is because there was a website set up to notify family and friends when the troops were returning. I don't think Mike knew I had a clue about the site. I happened upon it when I was trying to find out whatever I could about what was going on over there. For security reasons, they didn't list names until the Marine was on the plane and the "wheels were up." I was ecstatic when I saw his name on the list a few days earlier. It was frustrating when they kept changing the arrival date. But, it finally occurred on August 2nd.

I didn't expect to hear from him the first day or two, not knowing his circumstances and figuring he'd want to call his boys (he has two sons) and family. I also didn't know what kind of "debriefing" occurred upon their return. By August 5th when I still I hadn't heard from him, my excitement turned to deep saddness and hurt. I knew he wasn't going to call. As the weeks went by not even a letter arrived to explain what was going on. And, to this day, I have yet to hear from him.

...To be continued later. Gotta get ready for work.

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