Monday, October 27, 2003

A Day That Ends Well Was Well.

Well, I sent Mike an email, last night or this morning, I really don't remember. It wasn't THE email I wanted to send him, I'm still contemplating that one. I just sent him a "wishing you well since your life could be in danger but I don't have a clue since you shut me out" kind of email. As of right now, I have not heard back. Of course, I don't expect to either.

In spite of how drab the previous statement sounds, I'm feeling pretty darn good. Even in spite of the fact that I still have two chapters to read and about five loads of laundry to fold and put away before my tired head hits the hay.

It was a crazy day at work today. I get in and Mary called in again. She was out due to Migraines on Thursday and Friday. This time it's a family emergency that has taken her out of country. She hasn't even been with us three months and I've already written her up for being excessively late and had a "final warning" sitting in my desk to give her when she returned to work. Well, that got pushed to the side as I wrote a termination letter to include with her final paycheck that was sent out today. So, my day was busy, to say the least because all the things I usually have her do I had to do in addition to all my work glaring me in the face.

However, it turned out to be a pretty good day anyhow. When the girls were leaving and said, "we'll wait for you." I thought "aw what the heck Robbie, hit the road." I had planned on staying late. Had they not done that, which they never have before, because I'm the evil boss lady, I wouldn't have seen the MAN.


I don't know who he is and I only run into him once in a while but oooh laaa laaa, he is fine! And, I think he's straight to boot! No I'm not a homophobe, one of my very bestest guy friends is gay. But, I work in the interior design industry, not that I'm creative, at all! I'm an accountant, all numbers all the time. Anyhow, all the men are fine that I see but they are also gay. And I don't try to lead a horse to any water that I know darn well he won't drink. Well....the "girls" and I mean that literally, not figuratively, said that he was checking me out. We have now past head nods and smiles to where I actually said Hi. Now, if only he can speak too!!! But then again, he may have said something but I was too flustered to hear anything but the birds tweeting in my ear. LOL ... Okay I'm not that sappy but I do get flustered easily and lose track of the details during a moment. Which is really weird since I am all about the details in all other aspects of my life. ... Laundry calls. Hopefully, my bed will join in soon. :-)

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