Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I get a snow day in LA?

It's bright and early. I wake at 4:30am so I can drink coffee, read, and wake up before getting ready for work. I hate jumping out of bed and running around first thing.

I checked my email and one of my classmates gave me the heads up that school might be closed today at CSUN. They closed it last night because of the ash and smoke over that way. So, I might get a "snow day" right here in LA. I wish I could be excited about it but these fires are nuts.

I'm about twenty miles from the Simi Valley fire but it's less than ten miles from the CSUN campus. They are still calling it the Simi Valley fire but it's trying hard to move into the San Fernando Valley.

I better go. I have one chapter and two loads of laundry down but more to go.

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