Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Step One

I'm alive and well. I'm just kickin' it - old school, reading books and thinking about what it feels like to have teachers' dirty looks. I've posted a few reviews on my Library Thing account and once in a while I cough up a line or two on the FB. I suppose I could cross post my book reviews here but it's just too much trouble in my mind. Yeah, I'm lazy that way and quite inconsiderate it seems considering how long it has been between posts. I keep promising myself I'll do better but I've gotten to the point I don't believe my lies so I just don't even make the promises anymore.

You, and yes, I mean you, the one solitary reader left of my blog, might be wondering why I posted the picture that I did. It's the first step in reconstructing my new favorite drink. The Cherry Limeade from the Yardhouse. Oh mama! Those things are good! They taste like the Cherry Limeades that Sonic makes but with less fizz and way more kick. But be careful, very, very careful, that kick sneaks up on you about the third drink down the straw.

I love trying to reconstruct new drinks. I suppose much like I do with boyfriends. I try to reconstruct them in the image of that imaginary guy living inside my head. I've come to realize the perfect guy, like the perfect drink, doesn't exist, but I keep getting darn close, with the drink thing anyhow.

My last drink recipe replication was the Basiltini from this swank French place in Pasadena that means the white horse in English but hell if I'm going to try and spell it here. I recreated it great over at Gi's for Thanksgiving. And, yes, it tastes great with Turkey! But, I failed here at home. It tasted like cough syrup. But, I decided she buys better vodka than me. I buy the gallon jug of Skyy at Costco. Not because it's cheap, because it's blue. What can I say? Blue is beautiful!

You're probably wondering what the next step is, aren't you? It's Amaretto. I'm trying to decide if I can cheap out on it or if I should get the Disaronno that costs about ten bucks more a bottle. Recommendations, as well as reservations, are welcome but bring the limes. I've got sweet & sour.


Donna said...

Well, thanks for my morning surprise. Imagine seeing you posting an entry!

Bridgett said...

Mmmm...amaretto. My favorite.

Good to hear from you!

Gigi said...

Hey , you posted! Yay!

I've never had an Amaretto other than the Disarrono. It may not make much of a difference in the 'Sonictini', but I say go for the good stuff if you can. It's always going to taste better on the rocks. And probably feel better in the morning! ;D

Heather.Victoria said...

Yumm love me some SKYY Vodka!!

V said...

Now you're ahead of me1 Gotta get Writin'.