Friday, October 30, 2009

Anniversary Celebrations

I'm late by a couple of days but I just realized that it was six years ago this month that I began blogging on AOL. It was two years after I had first heard of blogs when I was desperately trying to find info regarding the Iraq war and happened upon political commentaries on the matter and first person accounts of people who were over there fighting the war. Eight years later the war still continues to what seems to be no clear end in sight. Six years later my blog is limping equally, murkily along.

Is murkily a word even? I've been doing this so long, I just make the shit up. Heck, I was making it up all along. It's part of the fun of blogging, hiding in the shadows and doing whatever you damn well please.

Two other anniversaries passed in August that I sadly did not take the time to recognize here. One, my anniversary for having quit smoking. I don't recall how many years it has been but if I dug through my archives I could find it. One of the pluses of regular blogging, or perhaps sometimes one of the negatives: a record of your activities. And, two, occurred two years ago, I began my cat painting, barely. I applied tissue to the canvas and haven't touched it since. I really, really, began it last night and continued tonight. Heck, I might just finish before the weekend. It's craft quality acrylics I'm applying. They dry almost as fast as I squeeze them out of the bottle much like the digital ink on a blog.


Bridgett said...

Six years for me too...and I still love it. :)

Happy blogoversary.

sunflowerkat321 said...

My six year anniversary comes up in December. However, I feel like the last year doesn't count. I've hardly written a thing.

Glad we're both still here!!

Gigi said...

OMG! You posted!

And OMG...I read this and had to go back and check. So it's true; it's my anniversary as well ~ 6 years ago yesterday, in fact, i published a 3 line masterpiece that ended, Baby steps, baby steps... I believe I'm still writing that.

How clever of you to liken your blog both to the war in Iraq and the application of acrylic paint. It's little insights like that that make you an interesting writer, artist and person. You should write more.

I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

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Coy said...

5 years for me ... some of you got a one year jump start on me. Like Kat, I feel like this year did not really count although much to my surprise (because I just counted) I have written 58 entries this year. Blogger never has felt like home to me, although I do still feel such a connection to those of you that are still around, almost like family or something. Love that we keep up at least a little on Facebook. Happy Anniversary Krobbie.

MzAmy said...

happy anniversary! haha :D it's me. almost a year later to wish you all the best. I am very happy you decided to blog, you are the only person in journals that I have ever met in real life.

that was fun. and I am glad that I met you too. your exactly like your words. :D beautiful.