Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Moth to the Flame

The second art class that I was supposed to take fell through. Apparently, there wasn't enough interest so the college cancelled it. I was totally bummed. But, I decided I just needed to take action and make something. I bought this book, although I have PLENTY of books on drawing and painting, and I ordered the supplies needed to do the painting of the cat on the cover. I'd show a picture of my work thus far but I'm only up to laying the tissue on the canvas for the background. White on white doesn't make for a very interesting composition.

I'm really proud of myself to have gotten this far. I've found myself starting and stopping a lot of stuff lately. I get that sometimes you have to have more than one iron in the fire but I am like a moth to the flame instead. I burn out far too early and nothing is accomplished.


gigi said...

I'm proud of you too. I love this ~ can't wait to see how your vision turns out.

I hear you on too many irons in the fire ~ I'm there too right now and have been too busy to give any the proper attention. But the thing about creativity is that it's better to at least start a thing when the inspiration strikes, and come back to it later, than never to start it at all.

Paint on... :)

Lee said...

What a pity the class was cancelled. go ahead and do it your way, Robbie...that's what happens anyway. I'm self-taught and continue teaching myself as I go along. I'm in the middle of a painting at present...a seascape.

Do have a look into Wet Canvas, the site I gave you a while back. You will find it very helpful.

Don't put time restraints, restrictions upon it at your own speed and when the mood takes.

AlbGlinka said...

Keep at it! It's obvious you want to do this. Try 5 minutes a day, that's advice I've been given about many projects. Baby steps, baby!

Actually, White on White has worked for many Fancy-Pants artists who I'm sure you've seen in Fancy-Pants museums down there in. :-)

Carly said...

Hi Robbie :)

I love seeing your original works of art, you posted one last year that I just adored. It was a museum scene... stunning colors and depth. I will be checking back to see your progress. Hope all is going well cutie. :)

Always, Carly

Plain Jane said...

How's the cat pick going? It's a wonderful image on the cover, so very Klimt!