Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Gotta Be a Guy

Every now and then a commercial airs that just screams to me that a man wrote it. When I saw this one, I knew no woman would write something so vulgar and tacky. My "favorite" of the blatancy is the "V" shaped bush towards the ending.



Bridgett said...

I picked right up on that too! Like so many place have 'v' shaped topiaries sitting around.

Pretty disgusting.


Sydney said...

OH yeah. I often look at the closet space in apartments and think... male architects.
Meant to sign on to your last post and say glad you're posting a little more but I've been buried under some deadlines..... so I'm writing it here ;-)

gigi said...

Would you believe I had to watch it twice before I got what was going on?

Oh, I see...trimming bushes!


Bet the guys in the boardroom fell all over the place when they heard that one. ;P

gigi said...

OK ~ just spitballing here, but I think I just got a great idea for an Erectile Dysfunction product:

Camera shots of men in various states of dress go about their day; everywhere they go, potted plants, trees and flowers suddenly fall limp, their little trunks and stems hanging dispiritedly in the sun. Cut to product usage; suddenly, the limp little topiaries spring back into life as Celtic Woman chants "aah aah aah, aah aah aah" vacuously in the background.

Now, who could object to that? :)

Robbie said...

I think the commercial bothers me most because the "trimming" has gotten so extreme, at least in LA, that it is practically in the fetish realm to not whack the bush off entirely and look like a prepubescent girl. Accckkk it's just ridiculous and I can't believe I'm discussing this but if it's good for the networks, it's good for the blog.

I was thinking they should dress the ED guy up in a gorilla suit Gi. Make him limp AND have excessive back hair.

MzAmy said...

ha. i had to read everyones comments first. because, i have to admit....yes, I didn't get it at first, but as the commercial progressed I understood. It's exposing, infact I felt a little exposed. the audacity.

and also, i thought....hm, but creative! I think gigi is on to something with her idea on erectile dysfunction. ha.

Remo said...

Haven't you seen the commercials for "Enzyte"?

Bob is living large and there are at least two phallic representations in each shot to prove it. Hilarious.

No. I don't.

emmapeelDallas said...

Yeah, it's obnoxious, but I have the feeling, watching ads, that the industry is filled with obnoxious guys writing these obnoxious ads. Here in Texas I keep seeing ads with guys clearly in their mid-fifties with trophy wives and toddler children, and I've about had it with those ads, too.

Good post.

ally said...

LOL. talk about subtle advertising (NOT!). it is a funny commercial tho'