Saturday, January 24, 2009


When I lived in Texas, the joke was if you didn't like the weather wait fifteen minutes, it will change. In California, it is a bit slower but can be just as drastic. The above picture is today. A high contrast to the climate of last weekend.

But, it's all good. Change is good. Somethings aren't meant to last. If it were bright skies all the time, it would get boring. I'm still going to go out and have a fun time with a special friend and enjoy the day.

The only fear I hold in my heart is the crazy Los Angeles drivers. They are so much worse when it's wet. Don't take my word for it, I found a blog, LA Can't Drive, recently that is dedicated to exposing us all for the idiots that we are. I say us all because I've done dumb-ass stuff myself. I'm sure. We all do. However, there are those who just do it more often and without regret.


sunflowerkat321 said...

OMG...You should see some of the drivers out here on Long Island. In PA, we had bad drivers but they were just unskilled. These people have skill and use it in a way that's so aggressive it's unsafe. I also pass by accidents several times a week. I've seen some stunts that had left me speechless.

gigi said...

I love that picture ~ it looks very inviting. It simply will not rain down here! I think it's written somewhere in the county ordinances ~ Walt Disney expressly forbad inclement weather sometime back in the 60's. Black Magic was almost surely involved. In fact, I believe it was the inspiration for the Wizard and the broomsticks scene in Fantasia.

I have never done dumb-ass thing in my car. I am an excellent driver. :)

gigi said...

Huh? Now, not only are you not posting, you're actually deleting previously posted...posts?

Negative blogging ~ now that's extreme! :)

And my profile pic has disappeared from my settings too. I can't re-upload. What is up with blogger, anyway. Grr... ;(

Coy said...

It's a little quiet here, just checking in.
*** Coy ***