Sunday, January 18, 2009

California Dreaming

This was taken yesterday from a beach in Malibu. California has been having some incredibly warm weather this past week and I couldn't help but get out and enjoy it. It was a most perfect time shared with a most perfectly special person.

I haven't been blogging because work has kept me incredibly busy and life has been using up the rest of my time. All is quite good though. Really good.

This week I fly to San Francisco for business. I'm hoping to see a friend of mine that I haven't seen in almost 13 years. I knew her back when I lived in Dallas. It's going to be another busy week. Hopefully, I'll find time to blog about it later. If not perhaps I'll become a photo blogger and just post pictures via my phone.

The picture in the entry below was my friend Kevin who took a picture of me and posted it to his Facebook as we were sitting there in the Getty's Restaurant. So I told him I was going to take a picture of him taking a picture of me and post it to Blogger and I did. I just never got around to coming on here and explaining it.


gigi said...

The weather's been absolute heaven for the past couple of days. I spent them painting on the patio, but looks like you were in the picture perfect spot in Malibu!

Have a great trip and a great visit!

AlbGlinka said...

Robbie: I'm happy that you're happy!

Sorry that we weren't able to meet up on Wednesday. I hope that you enjoyed your time in Union Square and didn't get mugged in the Tenderloin!

Kevin's adorable, and oh so young.

gigi said...

A month! It's been practically a month. Can a girl get an update and an amen?

BTW ~ your is set to automatic play. Which is OK for the moment, as they are playing...Foreigner! Yay!

Wait ~ now it's Styx Come Sail Away. Awesome! :)

Please pass the bong.