Sunday, December 14, 2008

Robbie being Random

I went to buy sympathy cards today. I try to keep a stash of cards at work or make the ones that we give but I am out of both. Sadly, there is an immediate need for these cards. So, I figured I'd buy several so I'd have some for the future.

May I never need them! :::knocking head:::

These were the only items that I was purchasing. At checkout, the cashier/owner of the shop asked how I was doing. I replied fine. She said I hope the rest of your day is good, or some such response, never really acknowledging or digesting that I was purchasing a slew of sympathy cards. Part of me wanted to start blubbering because it seemed like such an odd interchange and I thought it would be fun to make her feel bad.

Yeah, I'm a bitch. Wait, no, I'm not because I didn't do it. Right?

Here's a bit of irony that just dawned on me. The chair, in the picture above of the sympathy cards, I purchased from the son of my neighbor after she died. When taking the photo, I picked it for the lighting near it, but it seems so much more appropriate than that now.

You were worth waiting for....You the one that I adore....Oooh down to your type....For once in my life....You were worth waiting for....You the one that I adore....This kind of love you'll only find....Once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime.

Cadillac Records seems to be getting so-so reviews. I saw it recently and LOVED it. So much so that I've already downloaded the soundtrack from iTunes. My new favorite song is Once in a Lifetime by Beyonce. That woman sung her heart out and did a great job playing Etta James. The only thing disappointing is learning that even though this is based on historically true characters and life events, the actual story within the movie is fictionalized so you have to weed through what is real, what is conjecture, and what is pure fiction.

That's just a pain in the ass to me.

Why is it every time I make lima beans I burn the suckers?

I'm usually a fast learner. Why can't I get this right?

You can now import and export blogs on Blogger. I've now got all of my posts from my AOL days here now too. Of course that may mean a humongous meltdown on Bloglines when it updates because there were still several hundred that needed to come over here and I did them all at once. Last October was my five year anniversary. It's hard to believe! One of these days I want to go through my archives and weed out some of the entries that are worthless. You know the entry, where it's whine about this, whine about that, and no real anything is accomplished or stated.

Hmmm....I wonder if this entry will make the cut one day.


Donna said...

I ain't deletin' nothing. I'm just so thankful that a group of people worked hard to make it possible to save our AOL words to Blogger.

Love the Bob Dylan. Usually it makes me mad when somebody forces music on me. Not this time.

Tressa Bailey said...

Robbie...I never burn my beans...the easiest way is to cook them in a crock pot all day...but if not then this is how my mama made them....soak the beans overnight in baking soda and water (gets the gas out) drain and rinse and put in a pot 4x the hight of the beans fill almost to the top with water and drop in a ham bone if you want, bring to a boil and simmer for about 4 hours. After that drain all but enough water to cover the beans and 2 cups of the water to set aside.... In a large fry pan (preferably cast iron) fry up some bacon and/or ham drain but reserve the drippings for gravy. Add the meat to the beans. Make a thick gravy with the drippings and reserved pot water, I prefer a fried flour gravy but whatever way you make gravy is fine. Add that to the pot, then bring back to a simmer, stirring constantly. Once it is simmering add milk or water (I prefer milk ....but again your preference) until your beans are the desired thickness, bring to a boil and remove from heat immediately. Sometimes I like to add sauted onions, celery and other veggies to mine...but beans are beans...season them the way you like. Remember its best to microwave the leftovers, if you must reheat on the stove...use low low heat. Beans burn easily. Hope that helps. One last caveate....this is not a diet version LOL

Sydney said...

That's funny. Maybe this post will make that list but we all have those days and there's some value in hearing that you (the reader) aren't the only one.

Were you talking about frozzen lima beans? I've actually never seen any fresh ones ever, come to think of it, nor dry.

It's tough to lose people, but especially around the holidays. I'm sorry for the inattentive check out person too.

gigi said...

If I went back and weeded out all my whiny, worthless entries I'd be left with nothing but a blog header and an empty comments column. I took the easy way out with the AOL archives; swept them into another blog and marked it private. Then I put it in a concrete casket and sunk it to the bottom of the sea for good measure. You can't be too careful.

Forgive me, but I think it would have been funny if you started blubbering at the clerk. In fact, you showed remarkable restraint. I would have said, "I just bought seven sympathy cards. So yes, I am a having a great day...for a serial killer".

Then fix her with a demented stare and say, "You know what would make it even better? Eight sympathy cards..."

See? You're not a bitch. I am. :)

Paula said...

Hi Robbie: Just noticed you had made an appearance at my blog. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

aims said...

Hey Robbie! I got up early this morning, hoping to catch up on my blog reading and I just wanted to say hello to you! I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season.
I'm sorry you had the need to buy sympathy cards. :( Yes, it's a good idea to keep a stock of various cards on hand.

Lima beans ... I cook them often. Water is the key. They need plenty of water; those little suckers will soak it up before you know it. I keep a glass of water by the stove and add it when the water starts getting low. My cousin cooks hers in the crockpot and says she has better luck with them that way. (I'm assuming you're talking about dried limas?) Anyhoo - I hope all is going well your way. Take care and have a Happy New Year!


Joe said...

Hey, Robbie! I'm glad you were able to rescue your AOL blog. I first discovered you when AOL featured your blog on their sign-on screen. Keep on blogging!

V said...

Happy Holidays. Robbie!!

MzAmy said...

I didn't save anything. I am not even sure how to transfer things over.

anyway, nice lay out. :)
glad to see you blogging....
thought you were done.
but, I see (gladly) that you
are not.

happy new year, robbie!