Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mourning the Ghost

I went to take a picture of this card that I made and my camera wouldn't work. I thought that perhaps I had accidently left it on and drained the battery. I snapped a couple of shots of the card with my camera phone and put "camera battery" on my grocery list.

I made another card so I pulled out the freshly purchased battery and replaced the old one in my camera. Cries and knashing of teeth could be heard throughout the valley, I am sure. My camera still did not work! I fear it has given up its ghost.

I have wanted a nicer SLR. Or is it SRL? --- some kind of cool better camera. I think the time has come. However, I wasn't ready for this. I just started warming to the idea of purchasing an HDTV and perhaps a new computer. I hate upgrading. I was the last person on earth with an analog phone. Oh whoa is me.

I've decided to postpone the purchase for a little while. Well, as long as I can stand it. So no new photography will be seen. But, I guess that's good because I've been wanting to get all of my pictures uploaded to Flickr and off of my computer. So, I shall use the purchase of the new camera as a carrot stick to complete the task.

We'll see - or perhaps we won't. Boohoo!


gigi said...

Hey ~ no fair! You really are cleaning out files! ;D And here I was lying about mine.

You're the third person I know, including me, with SLRs on their mind. Mine's on my list for before the next big trip.

I know; first one to clean up their computer graphic files wins their camera! (I believe that makes you what is known at the track as a 'sure thing'... :)

Lisa :-] said...

I got a digital SLR for Christmas. I have wanted one for a long time, but I had to wait until the price came down to something I could consider without hyperventilating.

Unfortunately, I have not yet had time to play with it. Or even get it out of the box. Might be spring before I get around to it... Sigh!

Tressa Bailey said...

Oh that just sucks about your camera breaking.... I don't want my camera to break before I get the slr....and with my finances it just might.

I thought they were supposed to be indestructable these days!

I'll miss your new photos....HURRY UP and get to shopping!

Kitty Glendower said...

Beautiful cards. Let me make a suggestion. Rechargeable batteries. It is worth the investment. I think four AA is around ten dollars and the recharging unit was around 15. Well worth it. When my camera is dead, I just need 15 minutes, 15 minutes baby. The camera will suck up a battery.

Trish said...

SLR? Oh, I'm so behind. I have no idea what SLR is.

Big bummer about your camera. What great photos you get from your phone.

I say go for it all - the TV, computer and camera! :D

ally said...

i bought a nikon d40 as a gift to myself. i love the photos it takes; however, the camera is bulky for short trips. but, i would buy the camera again in a heartbeat.

Tamara said...


Sorry to hear about your camera, I know exactly how this feels. I also wanted to thank you for your caring, encouraging and complimenting words left at my new blog. It was so nice to see that you took the time to come by.



aims said...

Hello Robbie! Remember me? =) I'm so far behind, I'm not sure if I'll ever cach up. I was catching up over at Amy's blog and saw that you mentioned you had a birthday not too long ago? I have a year on you guys. Yep, I'm 41. Let me say, 40 wasn't so bad. In fact, I grew deeper in knowledge that year. Something about 40 was just what I needed. I hope 40 is every bit as kind to you, dear. And remember to be good to yourself! I agree with Trish, go for it all. ;-)

eBrains said...

Hey, Robbie! I used to follow your blog on AOL. I found out about it when they featured you on the sign-on page that time. Glad to see you are still blogging. Sorry to hear about your camera.

Robbie said...

Hi Ebrains! Wow! I don't blog nearly as much as I used to or about anything nearly as substantial - in my opinion anyhow. If memory serves me right, you are in NC and play the guitar and/or sing. Something about not having an oven is stuck in my head too and I visualize a porch with snow on it. Of course, all of this could be wrong I have been blogging for over four years now.

Glad to have you stop by!

ebrains said...

Correct on all counts - you have a very good memory! BTW, I never did get around to buying another stove, but I did invest in a bigger microwave.

MzAmy said...

I remember when my wonderful old 10X optical zoom camera went on the fritz. sad day.

i'm sorry. you have my sympathy.

love the cards! I have thought, of doing that. and selling them where I work. but, I'm such a's still just a thought.

so, I will enjoy looking at your endeavors for now. :)