Sunday, December 16, 2007

Into the sunset

Sometimes I take pictures that I'm surprised that I took them. Maybe it's because I know them but there's something I just love about this photo. It's of my brother and his wife walking on their land. If memory serves me correct, this is the spot they will eventually build their house. From this perspective it looks pretty darn good to me. Although I'm sitting in warm Cali now and that day I was there with them freezing my bum off. I'm thinking an optimal site would be the beaches of Ensenada.

I've been busy over at Flickr trying to get my pictures from my trip uploaded. Although, busy online means me uploading about 10 or 20 photos a day.

In the meager spare time that I have, I've also been doing a lot of reading which was motivated by my uploading books to Library Thing. I couldn't believe how many unread books that I have on my shelves. I still have more books to upload but first I need to get all the ones I've taken off my shelves back to them. I have a stack of books I want to scan too because Library Thing doesn't have a cover picture for them. Another thing that is motivating me to read more is a site that a guy from work told me about called BookMooch. It's also linked on Library Thing. I've got a neglected account on BookCrossing which is kind of the same premise but more in a scavenger style. They are book exchange sites so you can trade your books with others. The only cost incurred is your postage or travel to drop off and search for a book, depending on which site you choose. I was a little concerned about doing it until one of my first exchanges happened to be a blogger that I've known since the early days of AOL Journals.

She sent me the Secret Life of Bees which is an excellent read that I'm having trouble putting down. I hear it calling me now as a matter of fact.


screaminremo303 said...

Nice pic. Have you considered framing a copy and giving it to them as a gift? Might look nice over their new mantle.

Have a Merry Christmas!

alphawoman said...

Very cool photo and welcome to the club!

gigi said...

Beautiful picture ~ Remo has a good idea.

And I also enjoyed your new iTunes widget ~ good for you, making such a strong existential statement; WE HAVE NO INFORMATION TO DISPLAY ABOUT THIS PERSON! Just move along and mind your own damn business... ;D

Robbie said...

The widget was broke. I was hoping it would fix itself. I spent the last hour trying to and it is still messed up. I guess it has gone to widget heaven.

You're such a ball breaker Gi. Oh wait, I don't have any and I haven't had any in a long long time. Waaaaaaaahaaahaaa. Thanks for cheering me up. ;-p

V said...

I`ll bet the Pic would make a great Xmas present.

Happy holidays, Robbie. I`m so happy ypu`re home safe & sound.

MzAmy said...

I have been to Ensenada. a long long time ago. If I remember right. It was pretty. and a beautiful drive.

I guess that's all I have to say.
because I didn't read further, I just wanted to comment on Ensenada.