Saturday, October 20, 2007

Castle Rock 2006 - Pinot Noir

Castle Rock - Pinot Noir
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I'm not becoming a wino but I've thought about recording here my impressions of some of the wines that I buy. So, when I need to buy wine I'll know what I like and don't like, instead of taking a half hour to choose and feeling like a deer in the headlights trying to decide what might work.

I took this picture so I could remember this wine. I've never been a big fan of wine. I usually don't like the taste of most of them and after only one glass it makes me sleepy. But, I thoroughly enjoyed this wine. Normally, if I do drink wine, I go for a Reisling or a dessert wine such as port because I prefer the wine to be sweet. I bought this because I was looking for a red wine for a recipe I was making and didn't think a sweet wine would work. I knew I wouldn't use the whole bottle so I was hoping that the rest would be drinkable and much to my surprise it was very drinkable. This was fairly cheap too. I think it was only $10 for the bottle. I'm not sure what the proper temperature is for serving it but I tried it both room temperature and cold and either seemed fine. Although, I think room temperature had a slightly better taste.


gigi said...

Hey! ;D What's so bad about winos? We're generally a cheerful lot and fun at parties, where we never show up empty-handed. I like this wine too ~ nicely drinkable, excellent for serving grilled meats and smelly cheeses. Or just sipping all by itself... :)

Lisa :-] said...

Red wine is always served at room or cellar temperature. Wish I was enough of an oenophile to tell you exactly what that temperature is, in fahrenheit and celsius... ;)

Trust me, I AM a wino...and there's no better advice than find what you like and enjoy it. Regardless of price or lack thereof...


Donna said...

Oh good, a wine discussion. Thanks to lots of tea-totalling relatives and friends, I don't discuss wine on my blog.

My favorite? Franzia Rhine, in a box. You only have to spend about $10 for a month supply! Haaaa!

If I'm in a spending mood, I like Stone Hill Steinburg White (from Missouri, like me). A bottle costs more than the Rhine box. I know, that's still cheap.

Wil said...

I love me some Castle Hill Merlot when cooking my Bouef Bourgione -- smooth, mellow, not terribly acidic with a nice finish and very few "unhappy returns." Really, drink what you like and ignore the wine snobs. I've had $1000 per bottle rotgut and some wonderful $8.00 New York dessert wines.

Lee said...

I enjoy wine, preferably red. I like Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot...and the blends thereof as well.

Pino Noir is a good lunchtime wine, I reckon...if you like it, Robbie...stick with it. :)

Trish said...

Oooh, good to know it's drunkable.

oh wait.


You're smart to take a photo. I'm the one always swaying back and forth at the wine racks in the store wondering if I liked or disliked the taste of the bottle in hand.

This post just reminded me I bought a bottle of red a couple of months ago. It's high up in some cabinet. I'll never remember to drink it.

V said...

Hi Robbie. If you loke Pinot Noirs, try this one sometime. A good buy from the top vineyard!

Rosthchild Paulliac AC

The fruit for this wine comes from Lafite itself and a neighbouring property. Deep cassis and cigar box tones on the nose lead onto a palate of cassis, mint and cedar. Well balanced and generously fruity this is in effect Lafite’s third wine…sort of!