Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Last month sometime, I bought my plane tickets to take me into JFK. I couldn't sleep that night because I was so excited. Trying to get the details of my trip planned out has been a bit stressful and time consuming. I still have not nailed down my younger brother who lives in the 'burbs of Philly. But, hopefully it will all work out.

I feel a bit guilty because I'm as excited to spend time in NYC as I am to see my family. I scored tickets to the Rockettes at Radio City and I'm going to see Howard Zinn. He's like a rock star to me - even more so. I'm also planning to hook up with some long time blogging pals which is always fun. It makes the ethereal quality of the internet a little bit real. I hope to have time for a museum or two or three too but we'll see. I'm there three nights but I think only two full days really. The remainder of my two weeks will be spent bed hopping amongst my family in PA, from Philly to Scranton and somewhere in between.

I'm taking a train between NY and Philly which should be great fun. I haven't taken a train since the summer between 8th and 9th grade when I took a train from Chicago to Harrisburg, PA all by myself. Once I arrive in Philly, I'll rent a car - thus the title to this blog entry. I'm hoping I don't meet John Candy along the way though. It seems kind of crazy to do it that way since I'll head out of Philly first but to rent a car at JFK or any where near NYC was $400 more than what I'm paying. Just crazy!

I broke the bank and bought a new suitcase for the occasion. I had to stick it in the closet when I brought it home though so I won't stare at it. Even though the people at work made fun of me when they saw it, I think it's totally cool. I've never had a new suitcase. I went from an olive drab duffel bag in the Army to battered hand-me-down luggage. I took two pictures but neither this one or the other do it justice. It's much more brilliant green. I don't think I'll miss it on the luggage carousel in the sea of black suitcases. The color is called Tendor Shoots but I think it's more of a retro green. It's a Samsonite which reminded me of the Gorilla Commercials from the '70's but when I went in search of it I learned that it was actually American Tourister, not Samsonite that did those commercials.

Forgive my rambling, I'm on vacation count down and I'm excited!


Lisa :-] said...

For some reason, that picture looks more like a retro refrigerator to me...

Have fun on your vacation. A couple more weeks and you could have gone to the Macy's parade!

gigi said...

Well, shoot me tender ~ I love your new suitcase! Not only will it stand out like a beacon of light on the carousel; it'll scare the shit out of the Homeland Security boys, who will be cowed by it's audacity into leaving it, and you, unmolested.

I had no idea Howard Zinn was performing with the Rockettes these days ~ won't that be fun! ;)

Robbie said...

Gigi: Ahahaha. The way I constructed that sentence it does sound like Howie will be kicking up his legs with the girls. I geuss that's what happens when I sip a cocktail while I blog. Woopsee.

Lisa: It does look like a fridge! I didn't even think of THAT. As much fun as I'm sure the Macy's parade is, I can't stand crowds packed tightly. I think it would drive me nuts. I'll just count my blessings that I've seen the Rose Bowl Parade and be happy I'm missing Macy's.

Trish said...

I absolutely LOVE the color and the style of your fabulous new suitcase! And I really hope you don't run into John Candy along the way.

Sounds like an amazing journey. Wish you were spending more time in NYC. And I can't help but wish your family lived just a few hundred miles more east than PA. Wouldn't that be a kick!


Robbie said...

Trish: More east than PA? You mean NJ?? Technically, I do have family there. Some I haven't seen since I was a child and others are step - or is it adopted???? Which reminds me I need to shoot them an email.

Cold? Erp!

Carly said...

Hi Robbie :)

Oh girl I wish I was going with ya! I have always wanted to see NYC. I want to see it sometime in autumn, when all the leaves are blanketing Central Park. I want to eat a corned beef sandwich at the Carnegie Deli, lol, and I would love to run into Woody Allen. Yeah, I'm a dreamer! LOL. Have a wonderful and safe vacation darlin!!

Hugs, Carly

Lisa said...

Hi.. I just wanted to drop by and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm still around, I hope you have fun on your vacation!!! Lisa


V said...

Aw, Robbie. I hope you`re having a wonderful time!
Yikes...From Philly to Harrisburg, you`ll be driving right by me!