Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tea Break

I thought I'd finally post this picture. I don't know why I don't blog more than I have lately. For some reason, I've not made time to do it. I've written some - not much, but I save it as a draft telling myself I just don't have time right now. I'll return later to it. But, I never do. I guess because I'm always pushing forward to the next thing on the agenda. Never really quite feeling like I've finished anything lately.

So...I've been working on that. I've been organizing and cleaning and accomplishing. It feels good. I've cleared stuff out of closets and cupboards and my spirit feels oh so lighter as a result. I've managed to even get some of it out of the house and into the trunk of my car. Today, I will take it to Goodwill or Out of The Closet. Period. The End.

The above tea kettle is one of my first drawings in my class that I took this summer. The teacher had us working on really large newsprint pads. There's actually a much larger attempt at drawing the kettle to the left of this. But I didn't like the way it was looking and I moved to the corner of the page to try again on a much smaller scale. What I learned in doing this drawing was that I have difficulty drawing large and free. I want things tight and controlled. Much like my life, I suppose.


Lisa :-] said...

Isn't it interesting, the things you learn about yourself when you try something new? I've never really been a good draw-er. I have lots of other artistic talents, but drawing was never one of them.

And...Yes, we'd like to hear from you more often... :-]

Lee said...

You will progress in size in time, Robbie. As you become more confident with your abilities, you will find that you will experiment more and more. Just take your I've said what feels natural to you. What you paint and draw is "yours" comes from you. :)

AlbGlinka said...

I recognized it as a tea kettle, so that's a good thing! Plus: foreshortening of the spout!

Being loose and free is a problem with many artists. It helps to sketch often (I know, easier said than done), and I'm also finding recently that an eraser is a handy tool.

gigi said...

Nicely done! Looks like a tough angle, perspective-wise. Just draw at the size you feel comfortable with given the moment and subject ~ make it big or small; loosen it up, then bring it back in ~ whatever. That's the nice thing about the process; you're the boss. Just the way you like it! :D

I wouldn't worry about posting. Sounds like you've had much more interesting things to do ~ a lighter spirit is a sure sign that you're on the right track.

And what happened to my drink?.... :)

V said...

Robbie, I think the kettle looks great.
It`s amazing how we project ourselves into the world, a blank slate where we can confirm our knowledge of self.
I hope to be around more; it`s always nice to see how you`re doin!

Tressa said...

Art imitating life....

I liked it. You should frame it. Seriously. My daughter frames all kinds of her stuff. It looks delightfully quirky. Besides the newsprint is cool.

BTW...I'm back....and blogging