Thursday, June 14, 2007

To Draw or Not to Draw

I signed up for two art classes. They are provided by the local community college as part of their summer curriculum. The first one is a drawing class that starts today and goes through late July. The other class starts in late July and goes through August. It’s an oil painting class but it says acrylics are okay. I’m not sure which medium I’ll work in. I have some acrylics already and the clean up is a heck of a lot easier but I’d really like to learn to paint with oils. We’ll see.

I’m nervous. I haven’t taken an art class since high school, unless, you count the ceramics classes I used to take. Oh wait! Those were when I was in PA that means it’s the same time period as my high school classes. Okay, so I'm really nervous now.

I'm fearful it will be like when I joined the softball team when I was in the Army. I can play okay and I thought it would be great fun. About three or four practices in some girls showed up who could eat me for lunch, not only on the field but period. I quit. It was too competitive and I felt way over my head and my hand hurt because they would pummel the ball at me to the point it burned my hand right through the glove.

I sure hope the other students don't laugh at my drawings and break my pencils or something. If nothing else, maybe I'll get enough help that I'll draw better stick figures.

Wish me luck!


Donna said...

I have a feeling it will be a positive experience for you. Good luck!

V said...

Best of luck with the painting classes, Robbie.
By the way, your flickr pics of fishes are Terrific!

some chick said...

with your natural eye you will do luck needed.

Lee said...

Don't worry about anybody else, Robbie...just do your own thing...your way. I use acrylics and love using them. I think you will, too. Have a look in the WetCanvas site...

You will find this site extremely comprehensive and the members in the forums very, very helpful. WetCanvas covers all aspects of art...up at the top on the left you will see "channels" click on that it it will show you all the areas you can visit..It would be worth your while to become a is free, but it allows you to join into the forums, post your art, discuss, ask questions etc. It's a wonderful site. I've used it a lot and found it to be very helpful to me.

All the best with your classes...and remember...don't worry about anyone else...painting, like poetry, comes from inside...from the heart and it's individual.

Lisa :-] said...

I don't know why people equate being "an artist" with being able to draw and paint. I can't draw worth a shit, and that goes hand in hand with a complete inability to paint, BUT I think of myself as a gifted artist. I have an innate sense of design and balance and color, and I can (and have) create a whole lot of great things that are NOT drawings or paintings!

Okay...that said, I hope you have fun at your classes...! ;)

Wil said...

Leaving Lisa:-] 's comment alone, I think you'll do great so long as you remember that taking the course is about what YOU need to get from it, not what either the instructor or other participants think you need.

Your stick figures are already masterpieces compared to my dreck.

ally said...

i KNOW you will do awesome!

and pssst, what is up with softball girls? i had a similar experience when i was kid.

Gordy said...

You'll be fine. You are creative, capable and able to cope. You'll be recognized as someone that works at it while still having fun. Relax!

gigi said...

You freakin' rock, girl! Way to go! I worried about the same thing when I took a design class at my local CC when I was an elderly 32. Fear not.

What I learned in art class:

a) young artists are notoriously self-involved when it comes to their art, and don't really give a damn about yours. This is good, because you don't care about theirs either. This is not a team sport. Nobody gets picked last.

b) That said, everyone tends to be generous in weekly critiques. It is honest, constructive criticism you will actually look forward to. Because it actually helps.

c) Community college art classes attract older students and the atmosphere is more about growth than competition. Gifted amateurs or aspiring pros, everyone's there to improve.

d) Helloo??!! You're already a pro, remember? Nobody throws pencils at a woman who has sold a line of her work to a major LA company.

You have talent and passion; you'll learn things that will improve on your natural gifts and thus bring you joy. It's your journey ~ ENJOY!

MzAmy said...

The thing with college art class
(I took one semester of drawing)
everyone is really supportive, and not into competing with eachother. besides, when it comes right down to it. There really just into doing their own thing, and asking advice occasionally.
great fun!
I want to do it again.

E. K.(Kitty) Glendower said...







Good Luck.

Oberon said...

......just chew it......oops, i mean......just do it.