Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Still Life

We draw Still Lifes in art class. I'm not sure I know what one is. My life is whizzing by. It's definitely not a still - life. But! I'm enjoying the ride. And, I'm enjoying my drawing class. It was just the ticket to motivate me in so many ways. My instructor is perfect. Amazingly, I have not shriveled from his critiques. He truly has the art of constructive criticism down pat.

No, that's not one of my drawings above. It's a camera-phone picture. I snapped pictures last night with my digital camera. Then, the battery died and not one of the pictures came out well. Or, is it good? And, the one I was willing to post, I accidentally deleted off the card before saving. Darn it!

The above is a cute-cute-CUTE blue mirror that I got from a very special blogger last week and I've been remiss to write about it. Not for lack of love and appreciation. I assure you! I hope to purchase one of her paintings one day soon. I'm just waiting for the right one for me to come along. But, I'm super excited to have one of her mirrors which I find inspirational and whimsical. And, all the more so because it was a loving and gracious gift for winning a contest on her blog. I'm pleased too that she'll be starting her Artsy Essay contests again so perhaps I can have the chance to win more of her creative fruits. Keep your eye on her blog and perhaps you too can win something.

For much better pictures and a step-by-step process of constructing the mirrior click here: Judi's Flickr Then, just follow the arrows in her photo stream.

P.S. The above is only a temporary home for the mirror. The overhead light on my stove is the best place for pictures after a certain time of day. Although, having a mirror at the back of your stovetop is supposed to be good Feng Shui, this one is too special to allow to be splattered with grease.

Thank you Judi!!!!


some chick said...

I love the still life...especailly the reflection.

Judith HeartSong said...

I am so glad you like your treasure Robbie, and am so glad that you are enjoying your drawing class! The creative arts can unlock so many other parts of our lives.... and you are seeing that!


alphawoman said...

When I saw the photo I immediately knew it was a Judi!!You lucky. I'm thrilled she is starting the Artsy contest again and I look forward to participating. Who knows, I may get lucky and own my own Judi before it is all said and done.

Lee said...

You will notice now that you see things in a completely different way...now that you have started your art classes.

ally said...

what a lovely mirror! and i agree with lee on how your perception will change while going to art class.

Oberon said...

......the shot is fantastic.....perfect.

Lisa said...

Hey Robbie, love the website of Judi's... thanks for sharing that. Glad to hear your enjoying your class... take care and we'll talk soon!!! lisa

Phinney said...

hey that's cool!

i think still life is...well, anything that's not moving? *grin*

nice to see you posting, too far & few between - as are mine.

:) phin

AlbGlinka said...

Hi Robbie: Great to hear about your art class! Me taking painting in a similar community college situation has completely jump-started my creativity in new directions.

I must say though: having a supportive instructor is key-- because when you're an adult with any kind of emotional baggage, as we ALL have, you need support and encouragement when trying new stuff like this. I dropped a painting class this summer because the vibe I got from the teacher didn't seem that way to me.

Show us some of your work! :-)

gigi said...

I thought that Still Life link was going to take me to your work. How's that art class coming??? :)

AlbGlinka said...

Hi Robbie: That's interesting that you coincidently checked out the book I'm currently reading! I can see where it could provoke the reaction you had-- but: you are not an amateur! I have seen over the years that you attack many interests with "professional" focus. So there.

Sorry the art class didn't wotk out, so what are you gonna try next, and when?