Sunday, August 06, 2006

Don't Forget

I just finished typing up a long entry, albeit silly, and I went to spellcheck it and lost it. Actually, when I logged back into Blogger and clicked on "Recover Post," it did recover part of it. However, I don't feel like re-typing the rest right now. So, I'll just share this poster from LACMA that I took with my Camera Phone a couple of weeks ago. It's so very true. Don't you think?


gigi said...


I wish spellcheck would lose some of my silly posts. But half the time it can barely spell. And it's never heard of the word 'blog.' Among others. :D

Smukke said...

A computer never accidentally destroys the quick note you dash off when your brain isn't working quite right. It only destroys the ones you labor over to perfection. (sigh) How does it know???

V said...

That really stinks!
Does spellcheck do that often?
I`ve never used it, but I know my son does.
Lately, I`ve been posting directly from WORD. It works great!

Carly said...

I love that quote. :) I have used it a couple times on Ellipsis. I have never lost an entrie with blogger by hitting the spell check. I have noticed a difference in the spell check, when I use IE as opposed to Netscape. Maybe that could be it? Netscape is a lot easier to post with.

Lisa :-] said...

Very Ghandi-esque. And I couldn't agree more.

BTW, I have been posting at "Coming to Terms" right along. Couldn't quite give it up. Though my readership has shrunk so much that I wonder why. Still, it must be the nostalgia value as much as anything else...

When are you coming to visit?

Phinney said...

yep, that sign, how true.