Monday, May 01, 2006

Got cheese?

I need it to go with my whine. Mind you, I have no real reason to whine. Well, my reasons are real but comparatively so they aren't real. If you hate self-indulgent people like that, move on down. I need to get my whine on so I can get over myself already. You see, my router that is, oh, maybe a year or so old, went out last week. Don't know how or why. For the first three days I was too busy to even call the cable company to find out if it was the service. Alas, I discovered it wasn't. I am now hard-hooked to my cable modem. Sucks! I have to sit in the livingroom, no television to blare in the background, no headboard with pillows to prop up against. I feel like I'm at work. Egad! I don't even know when I'll have the time or energy to figure out what the "bleep" is wrong with it either.

So, that brings me to today. I left my house practically at the crack of fricken dawn. I'm not a morning person. I like to putz around the house and drink coffee in the morning. But, not this morning. They were applying "slurry" to my street and I didn't feel like parking a quarter of a mile away on the street last night before I went to bed so I just got out of here ten minutes before the scheduled time for slurry-ing to commence. Funny, no one was there yet to begin slurry-ing. Don't people arrive early anywhere anymore - say like one hour and fifteen minutes early? That's how early I was for work this morning. And, that's with stopping to pick up a coffee and sausage and egg biscuit from Mickie D's.

Since I got into work so early this morning, I decided to only stay until 5:30p tonight. In order to make good use of my time, I used the early-off to stop by the grocery store. I bought jugs of juice, bottles of sparkling water, milk, a case of water and two of those two and half gallon spigot thingies of water, oh, and two bottles of wine. I arrive to my street to turn in, only to see it blocked off and all the parking spaces directly in front of my apartment building taken. I drive down and around the block. The closest I got is about a quarter of a mile. Needless to say, that water, stayed in the car tonight. I still ended up having to hoof it back and forth twice to bring everything in.

Luckily, I decided to pick up a bottle of wine at the grocery store. That's a glass of it in the picture. I have wine glasses, but it was warm and I didn't want to wait for it to be chilled. Riunite on ice. It's nice!

Funny, if you look at the picture it looks like the glass is wide-mouthed and narrows at the bottom but it is actually the same circumference all the way down. Perspective is strange that way. Huh?


Lisa :-] said...

No. No one in America even arrives on time for anything, much less early. We are the origin of such sayings as, "There's never time to do it right, but always time to do it over." Your street slurrying is just another examle of the twenty-first century American work ethic.

You are totally a minor-league whiner compared to me... :-]

Becky said...

What the heck is "slurry"?! ;-)