Sunday, April 23, 2006

Enough about you, I suck!

I hung out with my friend, Gi, today in Pasadena. I was all set to share the pictures I took with my new camera phone then I read Danny Gregory's post and I decided I needed to step up to the plate and suck.

You see, one of the reasons I haven't been writing so much is because I've been drawing and working on my card designs. I've gradually been sharing my cards at work but still don't have much confidence in their artistic value. But, I've decided I'm going to start keeping a file of them in my Flicker account, if I can only remember to take pictures of them before I give them away.

I also thought I'd share some of my drawings. I'm just beginning and haven't put much time into it lately. But, I really want to make a regular practice of it because ultimately I want to paint. However, I don't feel like I can paint until I learn more about...pretty much everything.

So here goes:

I'm trying to do journaling along with my pictures, like Danny and others' that I've seen, but well, I don't quite have "it" yet, the notations feel a bit forced. I guess because I'm not really drawing from life around me but from a book.

These are photos of the drawings which I kind of like better than scans because the blur covers over a multitude of mistakes and my scanner is out of commission as of late.

One last photo, this one I started but never finished because it was getting late and trying to do the white spots was really tedious. One thing I've learned through these endeavors is that I have little or no patience. This drawing was motivated by a picture I came upon one night on (sometimes)photoblog.

And so... Here I am testing Danny's theory that no one will really notice how badly I suck because they really are more concerned with themselves.

So...what kind of day did you have?


gigi said...

OMG, these so totally do not suck! I am floored ~ I had no idea you were so talented. I feel like weeping, honestly. I believe I'm both happy and jealous at the same time. Does that make me a bad person? Or just a bad artist?...Wait ~ OMG! Danny's right!

Enough about you. I suck MORE! ;D

Keep drawing! I can't wait to see more sketchbook journal pics...

tiny dancer said...

I like the sketch book w/ notations! What a treasure! Keep it up.

I stopped drawing after high school. I majored in art classes in high school and then one day the desire was just gone. Just like that. Gone. So yah, wee bit jealous here too. Keep it up.

Cynthia said...

Suck? Hardly, I'm blown away. You have a real talent.

Lisa :-] said...

I'm confused. Am I supposed to say you suck? Or I suck? Or you suck more than me? Or I suck more than...oh, never mind.

Enough with the sucking. Your pictures are quite good. I consider myself a very artistic soul, but I CANNOT draw. You, on the other hand, obviously can. Very nice!

Wil said...

Mean peole suck. NICE people swallow.

You left the door wide open...

Becky said...

You soooo do not suck. LOL

Steven said...

These do not suck!
You do rocks really well. The white spots on the monarchs fascinate me. They are sorta unique. With the ones I've found newly hatched I can get a good look at the spots. Then I'm always trying to see the spot patterns as I watch monarchs fly about. I never really know, but sometimes the spot patterns look familar :-)

V said...

Yikes! These are great, Robbie! Keep on drawin`!!

Gordy said...

You don't suck, nor does your drawing ability.

Since I don't hang out much anymore, did you manage to quit the heaters? I know that is tough, hope so.

Nice to see you are still well and fiesty. Things could be worse.

Coy said...

Great job on the drawings and great job of posting them with little regard to what anyone else might think!

Thanks for the link to the Danny Greggory entry. BTW ... came here tonight by way of link in GiGi's blog.

I'm posting much less frequently in Rain these days but still something keeps bringing me back.

It's always sort of comforting to find the rest of you still doing what it is that we do here.

Post your drawings for yourself every chance you get Robbie. It's really all about the journey, right?

*** Coy ***