Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Like a Kid in a Toy Store

I'm taking a trip to New York City in a couple of weeks. My excitement increases daily. This is one of those life dreams come true moments. I love when they happen because I feel special and like if I'm patient everything I hope, plan, and dream comes to me when the time is right. I'm not bragging. It's more like ooohing and ahhing over the power of the Universe. It's only a long weekend so I feel a bit like a kid who has been released in a toy store and asked to pick just one item. How do I choose? Here are but a few things that I can think of off the top of my head that I'd like to do:

Go to Central Park
See Ground Zero
Walk down Wall Street
Go to Coney Island
See the Statue of Liberty
Go to Greenwich Village
Walk along Park Avenue
Sit on a stoop
See Harlem
See Brooklyn
The Bronx
The Brooklyn Bridge
Rockefeller Center
Times Square
See a Broadway Play
See an off-off Broadway Play
See the Rockettes
Watch a street performer
Ride the subway
Go to the top of the Empire State Building
Explore Ellis Island
Hang out along the Hudson
See the Met
See Columbia & NYU
Buy a hot dog from a street vendor
Go to the Russian Tea Room

I'm sure there is even more than that, things come to me off and on. I'll probably get to do maybe five of these if I'm lucky. But, that's okay. I've been that kid in the toy store before and quite literally.

I remember one birthday many years ago. My stepfather at the time was on the outs and looking for a way back in. He took me to a toy store and told me I could have one item - any item that I wanted. I eyed the gleaming new bicycles with longing but instinctively knew the cost was too great. Not necessarily the monetary cost but what I would owe him in return. I would somehow owe him my allegiance and support. He would have some kind of power over me. Even at that young of an age I knew that it was better to never allow someone to have that kind of hold on you. I looked around and picked the Barbie styling head. Within a week or two, I cut off all her hair and threw it to the wayside, probably right around the time he moved back in.

Yeah, for independence! I can choose whatever I want now and not worry about the cost to anyone but myself.


Lisa :-] said...

Whoa! Heavy stuff for a little kid!

Noo York City, huh? Sounds like a blast. Maybe you can just forget to sleep the whole weekend and give yourself more time to do stuff...

Shelly said...

When? Maybe we could arrange to meet. :)

Trish said...

NYC - how fun. I'm looking forward to reading about it, seeing pictures and hearing stories. Whatever you do, it will be fun.

I think I had that Barbie head - and I'm pretty sure I did the same thing with her hair. I wanted to be a hair dresser when I was a kid. I cut the hair off all my dolls. Poor Pitiful Pearl looked even more pitiful when I was done with her.

V said...

Hehe, Robbie. That list oughtta keep you busy!

Becky said...

Hey! You're coming my way I think about the same time I'm headed your way (sorta). We're off to San Francisco in a week. Re: your list... I think you've got all the best stuff covered.

ChasingMoksha said...

Okay, that is quite the list. LOL! You could probably do it but not remember much of it. Did you forget Hell's Kitchen or just not interested. LOL!!!

You could probably get a hot dog from a street vendor anyway, even Coney Island I would think. And I read somewhere that people in Harlem or bitching that housing is shooting up since Bill Baby moved in....

Have fun....take batteries for the camera..

gigi said...

That's not a long weekend ~ that's February! ;D

But Yay you! If you just do a few of those you'll have a wonderful time. The art museum is worth a day alone, and then there's all those landmarks you mentioned...5th Avenue...and don't forget to take in some of those great old downtown pubs...

Oh, I know ~ why don't I just meet you at Tavern on the Green? ;D

Nevermind. Have fun, and don't forget to shop!

Phinney said...

Don't forget to take a peek inside St. Patrick's Cathedral and walk through Central Park! I'd like to see a pic of you hailing a NYC Taxi! Most of all, have a great time, and stay safe. xo Phin

AlbGlinka said...

You forgot: see an Off-off-Broadway show.

You forgot: Meet Donald Trump.

Hope you had fun! Haven't seen a blizzard in eons. xxoo, albert