Friday, December 02, 2005

Holiday Fun

I'm working like a dog to try and get things caught up at work. It's the price I pay for taking time off last week. Plus, I'll be off the entire week of Christmas. The accounting cycle waits for no one. I figure I'll be caught up by March, just in time to take another vacation and start the whirlwind all over again. But, like the turkey to the left and in this card here, I will survive.

For some reason, this entry keeps losing words when I try to post it. I'm too tired to figure out what I'm doing wrong. And, I need to get ready for work. If you want to make some virtual snowflakes, click here.


Lisa :-] said...

OMG...that card is hilarious. I have to go to American and send it out to everyone I know. Lisa :-]

Unhinged said...

Yep. I got this in an e-mail from a friend just before Thanksgiving and laughed myself into a runny nose. My favorite part is when Turkey Girl bends over (from the back) and mimics being beheaded.

Great stuff!

Gabreael said...

I wanted to let you know the 1st Edition of the Moved J-Landers are out. I have posted them in my sidebar along with directions on how to download them if you desire to add them to your links.


V said...

Np glasses on that turkey! LOL

aims said...

Haha! Love the picture. :-P

What would life be without the whirlwinds?
...calm, yes. But not near as exciting.
take care!

Sharky said...

yes....I WILL survive!!

how come you don't have feedblitz, I am so bad at remember when I should be coming in to check on you! ::Sigh::
well, it is NOT a reflection on how I much adore you, just so you know. :)
take care, robbie.

gigi said...

I love that strong sista turkey!

"I should have known this day would come
I should have known not to relax
If I'd thought for just one minute
You'd come back here with that axe!

Honestly, haven't we all been there? :)

Kathy said...

I love the turkey! I have seen it before and simply love it.

Becky said...

Ack Robbie...I hope things slow down (or your company hires you some help) very soon! Everyone needs time to destress and decompress. Especially during the holidays. Merry Christmas! Happy Solstice!